Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 & Beyond: Georgia Democrats Need To Roll Up Their Sleeves & Get Down To Business!

After this election, Peach State Democrats need to "shift attention away from National happenings and get down to business toward a bold effort to provide a bold alternative to the Georgia GOP to create jobs, improve the economy and address issues facing rural Georgians a.k.a. the Forgotten Ones in time for the 2014 Statewide Elections
Step one: Finding & supporting strong candidates that you envision running statewide one day.

This is perhaps one of the democrats biggest problems. Too often, the party are left with one-issue themed, one-dimensional candidates who cannot articulate the message & who lack appeal across racial & party lines. In many areas across Georgia, the one-size fits all method doesn't apply. Now let's be real here, there are different strokes for different folks, so just like a conservative democrat can never win a seat in midtown Atlanta, a liberal cannot win a seat in Southeast finding candidates that best fits the district is crucial. Rural Progressives will never..ever win a rural seat, unless its gerrymandered, packing as many Black voters possible in a district.

Step two: Find a solution to give our parents other options in terms of school choice for their children.

Many Democrats are down right opposed to the Charter School Amendment that will be decided by Georgia Voters in November. OK, if that's the case, then come up with another alternative because just throwing money at public schools will not solve its problems. Magnet Schools is one way to start. Magnet schools are specialized schools within the public school system that attract certain types of students. Many magnet schools have good reputations for teaching students, especially in their specialty areas

Step three: Come up with a plan to address growing issues facing rural Georgia.

Rural Georgia remains a region that democrats can make a run at...if they have it in them. Many rural counties are without a hospital while those who have them are at risk of losing them....underperforming public school systems, lack of industry, high poverty, unemployment & the lack of representation of our agricultural interest. This will be a hard issue to address because of the lack of rural democrats in Georgia, except for those representing urban enclaves in cities such as Macon, Columbus, etc..

Step four: Reach out to ex-Democrats (Reagan Democrats)

These Democrats are blue-collar, non–college educated white voters who abandoned the Democratic Party during the 1970s and 80s, out of anger at Democratic support for policies like welfare and affirmative action, and leap into the outstretched arms of Ronald Reagan. They are fairly libertarian and anti-government intrusiveness and are much more concerned with guns than the pill. These voters can be won back..depending on the candidate. Right now there are only 2 rural white democrats left, Debbie Buckner (D-Junction City) & Barbara Massey-Reese (D-Menlo). Like it or not liberals, you need rural democrats in your ranks if you even want to sniff a majority in the future. Open your arms & accept democrats who are different in ideology & positions. It'll be healthy for the party in the long term.

So a Georgia Democratic Party refocused on revitalizing our economy, reaching out to disaffected democrats, putting more emphasis on rural Georgia & a suitable plan for education the party can re-establishing itself as the party for the working class. If they do this, victory at the polling booths will take care of itself.


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