Monday, August 13, 2012

Gulf War Veteran & Peach Co Commissioner Mike Dinkins Endorses Tom Coogle for August 21 Runoff for HD 139

HD 139 Candidate  & current Peach County Commissioner Michael Dinkins (D-Fort Valley) has endorsed Businessman Tom Coogle (D-Montezuma) for the August 21 Runoff Election to be held next Tuesday. Dinkins, a graduate of Fort Valley State University, veteran of the Persian Gulf War & current Commissioner for Peach County who carried the city of Fort Valley with over 55% of the vote threw his support behind Coogle after his unsuccessful bid for HD 139 seat which covers Peach, Macon, Dooly & Taylor County.

Dinkins in a statement (which you can also see on Coogle's Campaign Mailer) said: "I am formally endorsing Tom Coogle as the best candidate for State House District 139. Tom has the right path to help our district and our state. He will help to bring jobs and serve all the citizens in our district. So join me in voting for my friend Tom Coogle on Tuesday August 21".

Coogle who hails from one of the poorest counties in the state, (Macon) is what you consider a 'Rare" Breed in today's politics, a rural white, christian democrat who's socially & fiscally conservative who's managed to build a solid coalition of Black & White Voters in his first bid for public office. Gerrymandering has basically wiped out the majority of Georgia's Rural White Democrats; (Only Debbie Buckner, Rick Crawford & Barbara Massey-Reece remain as the last rural white democrats in the Georgia State House of Representatives)  The runoff election is next tuesday!

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Tom Coogle is also your client, correct?

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