Sunday, July 8, 2012

Voter Fraud is Real, especially with Absentee Ballots

According to some, voter fraud is a rare occurrence, hardly worth our time to try to prevent, but it’s a fact that proving fraud is difficult and time-consuming. If you suspect that “dead” people are voting, the only way to verify it is to comb through the poll books, comparing the names to another reliable list of the deceased, which is expensive and time-consuming. Why not simply eliminate the known dead from the poll books in the first place?
Another way to cheat is to purposely register people you know will not show up to the polls, then bus volunteers in to vote for them. You’d be surprised at how just a few people can make a big difference. Many local elections are won on the basis of a handful of votes, and with tens of thousands of precincts in the United States, even a national election can be shifted.

Perhaps the most egregious form of fraud occurs when absentee ballots are tampered with; either by “helping” the voter to decide, or by outright theft or destruction of ballots.

If we want to protect the integrity of our vote, we have to accept that the opportunity for troublemaking exists, then formulate a plan to safeguard our most precious right to free and fair elections. Volunteering to watch the process and report suspected fraud is one of the most important jobs a citizen can do. The addition of a voter ID requirement, is not only effective, but popular, because Americans want a level playing field. Perception is everything; you can only have confidence in a system that doesn’t seem rigged.

Absentee Ballot fraud is the worst kind of voter fraud. Tactics ranging from:

-Pressuring and coaxed first-time voters or those who were “less informed or lacking in knowledge of the voting process, the infirm, the poor, and those with limited skills in the English language” to vote by absentee ballot

-Paid voters in cash for casting absentee ballots

-Instructed people applying for absentee ballots to phone a campaign when the applicant received his or her ballot so that supporters could go to their home and “though not authorized by law to do so, ‘assist’ the voter in completing the ballot

-Illegally keep a stockpile of unmarked absentee ballots and delivered ballots to voter

-Lying about whether the person applying for an absentee ballot would in fact be absent on the day of the primary.

In addition, Campaign workers will preyed on “the naïve, the neophytes, the infirm and the needy” by using “unscrupulous election tactics.

So be on the look out for voter fraud, especially when it comes to absentee ballots. BEWARE!

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