Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HD 139 Candidate Tom Coogle Only Democrat to receive the endorsement of the NRA

Yesterday the National Rifle Association released its endorsement list & on it, only one democrat Tom Coogle managed to receive a endorsement from the Pro-Gun Organization.

Coogle, a Conservative Democrat & Businessman out of Macon Countyis locked in battle for HD 139 seat against two other opponents, liberals Michael Dinkins & Patty Bentley.

Its surprising that only one democrat managed to receive a endorsement from the powerful gun lobby, who back in 2008 supported thousands of legislative candidates which they achieved a 84% success rate in those elections.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of posts about HD 139 lately. Are you the same Keith MacCants from Oglethorpe that received $3600 from the Tom Coogle campaign on 04/04/2012 according to the June 30th campaign disclosure?

Also, are you the same Keith McCants that's been listed as Tom Coogle's Campaign Chair since he filed in November?

All of these posts and no disclosure that you are a paid member of Tom Coogle's campaign team?

Talk about a lack of disclosure. This blog makes some great points, but if you are the same Keith McCants/MacCants, then there's a serious credibility issue on this blog!

What other campaigns have paid you for positive blog posts that you have not disclosed?

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