Thursday, July 26, 2012

Converting U.S. Hwy 82 in South Georgia to Interstate Will Help Solve Atlanta's Traffic Woes

Here's a Thought: Convert U.S. Hwy 82 in South Georgia into Interstate

Makes sense to me. With the talk about the T-SPLOST dominating the conversation as voters head to the polls next tuesday to vote for races for the legislature & local seats as well, there's more questions about whether or not the T-SPLOST will be the answers to Atlanta's Traffic woes. Let's face it, this is a bill designed to deal with the nightmarish Metro Atlanta traffic, with a olive branch extended to Rural Georgia to receive a piece of the pie....well crumbs in terms of T-SPLOST $$$$$ to repave roads, build new bridges, etc.

We should not be having this problem had then Gov. Roy Barnes plan to build a Northern Arc not been shot & beaten down by the GOP who at that time was in the minority. But it did & as a result, Metro Atlanta's Traffic Woes grew worse & worse to the point that its becoming a major thorn in the side for the business community who's trying to attract more companies to relocate to the city that was coined at one time: "The City Too Busy To Hate"

Well here's a solution that could have a major impact in unclogging the traffic that flows through Metro Atlanta. Throughout much of southern Georgia, U.S. 82 is paired with State Route 520 and designated as "Corridor Z" and "South Georgia Parkway. From Brunswick to Tifton to Albany to Dawson, & then merging with Hwy 280 which extends to Columbus, converting U.S. Hwy 82 to a Interstate System would give travelers & especially truckers another way to avoid the Metro Traffic, thus easing some of the traffic flow through Atlanta. Many travelers take I-20 West if they are traveling up from I-75 from Florida to Birmingham or Memphis because they want to avoid the country roads & sparsely populated towns. In my opinion this would be the shot in the arm Atlanta needs to fix its transportation woes. Because I don't think the T-SPLOST will solve the transportation problem that's handcuffed Metro Atlanta for the last decade. I maybe wrong, but I don't believe it will! And like it or not you will pay more in sales tax if this thing pass. Is it wise to make Georgians pay more in taxes when our economy is still in critical condition & Georgia's Unemployment rate has risen back up to 9%? You be the judge

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