Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Candidate Spotlight: Renita Hamilton (D-Lawrenceville)

Bluedog Democrat Renita Hamilton, a businessowner from Lawrenceville is running for the open HD 105 seat which consist of Grayson & Logavillle & other parts of South Central Gwinnett County.

Hamilton, a Turner County Native moved to Gwinnett County in 1992 & have lived there sinc. She is a graduate of Savannah State University with a major in Mass Communications. Her core issues are Fiscal Responsibilty, Education, Transportation & Jobs. Hamilton wants to bring about positive and effective change in order to improve, increase value, enhance the quality of life and encourage awareness to community based issues and concerns. Hamilton is supporter of Gun Rights, Lower Taxes & Prayer back in our Schools

Hamilton is owner of Polished Affairs, LLC a event planner/wedding planner business which she started in 2003.

Check out her website: http://www.voterenitahamilton.org/

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