Monday, June 4, 2012

8 Georgia Democrats to Watch during Primaries/General Election

(1) Nelva Lee (D-McDonough)

The Democrats couldn't have asked for a more stellar candidate in Dr. Nelva Lee as she attempt to unseat Republican Rick Jeffares for State Senate District Seat 17.

Dr. Nelva Lee is the President and Founder of the MiTio Institute and the MiTio Foundation. The MiTio Institute is an Online Medical Interpreting and Translating Diploma Training Program & comes for a strong military family, her mother served in the U.S. Army & husband is a Gulf War Veteran.

Lee, a Conservative Democrat represent the Hispanic, military, black, Christian, and female voter having lived in places from Hawaii to Seattle, now settling just outside the Metro Atlanta Area. Her background and experience in small business, healthcare, and education are top priorities for SD 17 constituents. She is a top tier candidate for the DPG. I will definitely keep my eye on this race!

(2) Kevin Brown (D-Buena Vista)

Marion County Commisisoner Kevin Brown will take on party switcher Mike Cheokas (R-Americus) for HD 139. Brown, 43 is a Bluedog Democrat hails from the same hometown as former Negro League great Josh Gibson who was called the Black Babe Ruth. Brown is a executive director & is a father of 6. Family Values is a big deal to Mr. Brown.

(3) Thomas Coogle II (D-Montezuma)

Businessman/Grocer Thomas Coogle is also a political newcomer, running for the seat being vacated by the retirement of Lynmore James. Coogle, 34 is a Pro-Business, Pro-Growth, Chamber of Commerce Conservative Democrat who championed Christian Values, Job Creation, Right to Bear Arms, protecting our senior citizens & creating a better environment for young people Coogle hails from Macon County & if victorious in July, it could send a message that Conservative Democrats aren't dead just yet!

(4) Darrell Black (D-Milledgeville)

Businessowner Darrell Black is back, this time running for Senate District 25 against Johnny Grant who has two republicans challenging him in the republican primary. Black ran in the special election back in  2007 but lost out to Rusty Kidd (I). Black is a moderate democrat who wants to improve the jib situation of SD 25.

(5) Dar'Shun Kendrick (D-Lithonia)

Incumbent Buisnessowner Dar'Shun Kendrick is beat back two democratic challengers for her HD 93 seat. Kendrick, a one term representative is one of the youngest members of the legislature. She is a former congressional intern, served as youth coordinator for the YDG & she was selected as one of Peanut Politics Hottest Democratic Women of Georgia. She owns her own business, Kendrick Law Practice & her constituent services are top notch. Send her back to the State House to continue fighting for bluecollar families in her district.

(6) Gene Mitchell (D-Douglas)

Mitchell is running for open State Senate seat left by Greg Goggins who retired before the end of the session. In 2004, according to his FB Page, Gene enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His tour of service took Gene to over twenty countries across Africa, Asia, and South America. Gene was honorably discharged from the military in 2011. While on reserve status, Gene began attending Mercer University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I hope the senate leadership helps Mitchell in that race. He has the right makeup & background for that district. Keep a eye on that race.

(7) JC Cunningham (D-Valdosta)

Disabled Veteran JC Cunningham will take on Floor Leader Amy Carter, another party switcher from Valdosta for HD 175. Cunningham is running because he believe that it is time that the lawmakers of Georgia begin to reflect the spirit and pride of all Georgians. For the past several months he have been speaking and meeting with educators, farmers, small business owners, unemployed construction workers, seniors, and mothers throughout Valdosta, Hahira, Quitman, Dixie, Boston and Thomasville and I heard the same thing over and over. "Who in Atlanta is representing South Georgia"? "Does anyone feel our pain"? I give Cunningham a 50/50 shot at that seat...

(8) Bikram Mohanty (D-Valdosta)

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Mohanty at the State Capitol during qualifying period. Mohanty has the tall order of unseating longtime democrat, now republican Tim Golden for SD 8. Dr Mohanty is a occupational therapist

As founder and CEO of Innovative Rehab Solutionshehave employed healthcare and rehab professionals from South Georgia and have been able to successfully maintain these positions without major government intervention or any major debt.  His main issue is creating Jobs for the South Ga Economy

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