Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday's 5 Races to Watch for 2012

With Qualifying now over with, let's take a look at the 5 races to watch:

(1) Quentin Howell (D-Hardwick) vs Rusty Kidd (I) Milledgeville HD 145

This will be a rematch of the 2010 contest in which Kidd bested then newcomer Howell to retain his seat. Since then Howell has been continuing to work in the Baldwin County Community & raising his profile even more with voters. Howell, a conservative democrat is poised to pickup this seat from Kidd, who has questins of his residency questioned before the maps were redrawn.

(2) Mike Cheokas (R-Americus) vs Kevin Brown (D-Buena Vista) HD 139

This seat is being targeted by democrats as a pickup opportunity as Kevin Brown, County Commissioner for Marion County will challenge Mike Cheokas who switched parties in 2010. Brown, a centrist democrat is leaving his seat to challenge Cheokas in a district that now has Chattahoochee County after redistricting. The seat is a lean democratic district with conservative Schley County in the mix. It would not shock me if Brown ends up winning this seat from Cheokas

(3)  Amy Carter (R-Valdosta) vs J.C. Cunningham (D-Valdosta)

Another switcher Amy Carter will be running as a republican against newcomer JC Cunningham, a disabled Veteran. Carter who was appointed as floor leader to Nathan Deal will not in a district which now will include democratic Brooks Co, republican leaning Thomas County & western Lowndes Co0. Cunningham, another moderate democrat is trying to unseat Carter who will no doubt have the support of the GOP, as well as Nathan Deal. This race is favored for Carter, but if Cunningham can make the case that her support of policies such as the Immigration Law, Charter School Amendment & further cuts to education & the restrictions on the Hope Scholarship, Id give him a solid chance of unseating her. Stay tuned!

(4) Jay Powell (R-Camilla) vs Jewell Howard (D-Baconton)

HD 171 is one of those seat that makes you wonder, why democrats can't pickup that seat? Jewell Howard hopes to be the one to pickup that seat from Powell. HD 171 includes Northern Decatur County, Mitchell & Western Colquitt Co

(5) State Senate GOP winner vs Gene Mitchell (D-Fitzgerald

This seat became vacate by the retirement of Greg Goggins. Tyler Harper, Mark Hatfield & Rodney Vickers will take on 26 yr old Army Veteran Gene Mitchell. Im curious to see what Mitchell is all about. The district stretches from Ben Hill County all the way down to Ware County.

I will feature more races to watch Monday

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