Thursday, March 1, 2012

If Bob Kerry can do it, why not Sam Nunn (for Governor in'14?)

Why Not?

If you haven't heard but former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry will run for the seat being vacated by Conservative Democrat Ben Nelson (D-NE) in November, which was seen as a likely republican pickup in its attempt to regain control of the senate. Kerry, 68 will be making a political comeback for his old senate seat. The political environment is different now thatn it as when Kerrey left the senate, but he is still held in high regard all across Nebraska, which is a solid Red State.

Remember St. Louis Rams Head Coach Dick Vermeil, who came out of a 15 year retirement at age 61, only to lead the Ram to a Super Bowl Victory in 1999.

So I ask the question, if Bob Kerrey can do it for the U.S. Senate, Dick Vermeil can do it in the NFL, then why not Sam Nunn, no not for the U.S. Senate, but for Governor in 2014?

Yes I know Nunn would be 76 in 2014, but remember John McCain almost became president at age 72, shoot, Ron Reagan was 68 when he took the W.H. in 1980, so being president & governor are two different things.

Look, the democrats really don't have anywhere else to turn. Their bench of prospective candidates is as thin as a thread. There are only 4 candidates that could REALLY make a run at the mansion & win it: Jim Marshall, John Barrow, Michael Thurmond & Sam Nunn.

But Nunn out of all the canddiates would probably be the strongest because of his statewide electoral success. Yes Georgia has changed since 1996 & yes it has gone from being a democratic control to a GOP controlled state, but he would do well where democrats haven't done well at all here in over 12 years..Independent-Conservative, small town voters & he would do well among suburban swing voters also.

I know its a 50 to 1 odds that Nunn would even entertain the thought of coming out of retirement to run for governor, since he is the CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which is a charitable organization working to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. But if he were to he'll be the shot in the arm Georgia Democrats need in order to get moving once again, just like Bob Kerrey who gave Nebraska Dems their shot in the arm in trying to retaining the Senate seat in November.

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