Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Republican Ken DeLoach announces Bid for GA-2nd Congressional District

In a press Release sent out yesterday, Ken Deloach will seek the 2nd CD seat where he will face off against Rick Allen (R-Columbus) in the primary.

Here's the Presser:

Ken DeLoach Announces Bid for Georgia's Second Congressional District Seat

February 21, 2012 -“ Educator and minister Ken DeLoach has announced his candidacy for Georgia's second congressional district. Eager to begin the process, DeLoach has already met with Republican groups in Peach, Lee, Bibb and Muscogee counties. He will also participate in the Republican debate being held the night of February 28th in Lee County.

DeLoach is currently the Dean of Students and a teacher at Central Fellowship Christian Academy in Bibb County as well as Associate Pastor at River of Light Church in Warner Robins. He is also the current 1st Vice-Chairman of the Houston County Republican Party.

DeLoach, a native Georgian, made the decision to run after being approached by several people within that district.

DeLoach stated, "We're receiving very positive feedback on our messages of jobs, jobs, jobs. The people of Georgia's second congressional district want more jobs, not more government. A government check can neither buy a man's dignity nor his dreams."

"We've put together a team, not just to see us through the Republican Primary on July 31st, but to see us to victory on November 6th . We will return this district to those who have the real answers to our problems: We the People," DeLoach added.

DeLoach married his wife, Lynn, in 1987. She is a registered nurse working as a travel nurse for a Bibb County company. Ken and Lynn have two sons; Caleb, 16; and, Andrew, 14.

DeLoach sees individual Constitutional rights, energy, national defense and an aggressive reduction in the size and spending of our federal government as additional issues that must be faced and dealt with as soon as possible, "It's time for Congress to be responsible adults and choose American workers over beltway lobbyists and career politicians."


Anonymous said...

Ken DeLoach, a D.C. outsider, would be a fresh face in Congress and be there to truly support the American people rather than serve lobbyists and career politicians, like what Sanford Bishop has been doing for nearly the past 20 years. DeLoach's credentials represents just what Congress needs. It's time for change.

Cassi said...

I support Ken Deloach. He is committed to things that are important to a wide variety of people, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. He is exactly what the second district needs to represent them in the House, and he has my vote.

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