Thursday, February 9, 2012

Former State Rep. Jimmy Skipper (D-Americus) Accused of "Bamboozling" in Sumter Co School Board Redistricting Battle

Because of mistrust among the Black School Board Members, Former State Rep Jimmy Skipper (D-Americus) (Left) thrown under the Bus...resigned as attorney for the County School Board...I don't blame him

Down in Americus, Sumter County NAACP President Mathis Wright Jr is accusing attorneys Jimmy Skipper & William NeSmith or misleading the Black School Board members of the Sumter County Board of Education when it came to redistricting.

Wright, according to the Americus-Sumter Observer reiterated that the "bamboozling" came when Attorney Jimmy Skipper, democrat who served from 1990 to 2004 as State Representative, concealed much of what he was doing with the U.S. Justice Department and the GA State Legislature. The Sumter County school board chairperson went to Skipper's office and got the information he was sending to the Justice Department. She brought the information back to the Black school board members but Skipper gave the same information to Dr. Michael Busman and the White board members. This created mistrust among the Black board members. What the Black school board members realized was that they would have allowed Skipper to change a 6-3 Black majority to a 5-2 White majority.

On or about January 03, 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice requested additional information to proposed changes from the school board attorney. However, at one school board meeting; the board asked Attorney Skipper to allow them an opportunity to review his response that he was submitting to the Justice Department. Skipper became very defensive and later resigned after the board asked him to withdraw the initial 2010 redistricting proposal.

Jimmy Skipper is a highly respected man in the state of Georgia & to see him get accused of trying to "Weakened' the majority Black School Board by the Sumter Co NAACP President & others by misleading black school board members is a Shame. Just to note, Sumter County Superintendent Roy Brooks (Left), seemed to have no problems with the new school board districts.

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