Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Berlon in Hot Water, Push for Him to Resign Immediately!

Over at the Liberal Blog, Blog for Democracy Democratic Activist Catherine Smith laid out what appears to be a letter asking for Mike Berlon to resign as chair of the Georgia Democratic Party.

Read Below:

TO: DPG State Committee Members

Since his election 14 months ago, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Mike Berlon has violated multiple sections of the DPG Charter and By-Laws, circumvented the the authority of the State and Executive Committees, and put our Party in serious financial peril.


The State Chair has failed to provide a budget to the State or Executive Committees during his 14 months as Chair.

The State Chair has failed to take the necessary steps to raise sufficient funds for ongoing activities (call time, one on one donor contact, etc) despite the strong recommendations of the Executive Director and Party employees.

The State Chair made hiring and compensation decisions, a responsibility granted only to the Executive Director, without the authorization or approval of the State or Executive Committees (BL1.6.4 , BL1.6.5).

On Monday, February 27, the State Chair fired two Party employees, a responsibility granted only to the Executive Director, without the authorization or approval of the State and Executive Committees. These employees were fundraising staff (BL1.6.4 , BL1.6.5).

The State Chair denied, from the outset of her employment, the Executive Director’s enumerated responsibility of “hiring of qualified staff members for all budgeted and other approved or temporary positions and institute dismissal or other disciplinary actions as necessary against such employees”, severely restricting her ability to successfully perform her role as Executive Director. (BL1.6.2 ).

The State Chair brought disgrace upon the party by discussing internal Party matters with the media and jeopardizing the fundraising apparatus of the Party (BL2.8.2 ).

The State Chair has threatened (with lawsuits, and other repercussions) multiple members of the State and Executive Committees merely for speaking out against him in legitimately called meetings and in email exchanges, bringing disrepute upon the Party (BL2.8.2 ).

Mike Berlon has forgotten that the ultimate authority in our Party belongs to the State Committee, not the Chair.

Well it appears that the honeymoon is over at the Georgia Democratic Party.

Berlon became chairman after besting Darryl Hicks, (who I supported) for the position. Think Hicks would want the job now? H.E.L.L. NO!


Anonymous said...

Darryl Hicks is a fine man, truly decent. As much as I'm sure he'd like to help, he's got a full time job and last I saw him in Dec seemed quite happy. Lets not ask this of him.

Mike B needs to call a meeting asap and respond to some of this, otherwise we are all compromised. It really would have been easier if he'd attended last weeks meeting of the exec committee when RJ and Nikema called for one.


Maven said...

It was 14 Executive Committee Members who called for the meeting, not two. 23 members voted unanimously on important recommendations to get the party back on track. Since then, he has ignored the recommendations and launched a scorched earth campaign against most of the Committee or anyone who dares disagree with him. Now he's claiming he had no knowledge of the party's finances. He is a man of very low character. It's time for him to go.

Keith said...

This episode doesn't help the morale of the Democratic Party here in Georgia & comes at a very bad time when the 2012 Legislative elections are about to get started. I met Mike on a few occasions & talked to him as well when he was running to take over from Jane Kiss & he is a nice guy.

Living down here in South Ga, it can be difficult to hear what's going on up there, but the sooner this situation gets solved, the better.

Darryl is in a good place right now & I agree with you Jules. I don't know, but after the JJ Dinner, the party needs to be hitting on all cylinders heading into November.

I know I've been critical of the party over the last 5 years but I hope & pray things get better

Keith said...

I mean't Jane Kidd (not Kiss) Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Page Gleason needed to go. She was incompetent and didn't file reports when she needed to. Her 'pals' are just pissed she was pushed out. She and her buddies continue to spread rumors about everybody else and neglect Page's own incompetence.

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