Thursday, September 8, 2011

Montezuma Election 2011: Your Vote, Your Voice, You Decide!

This coming November will be no doubt the most important city election Montezuma has ever witness as the direction & future of the city will be decided in November.

4 years ago saw the election of Bobby Lewis & Carl Peaster to the Montezuma City Council, while Tarschea Fudge Riley came within inches of victory.

Well here we are again as Incumbent Mayor Willie J Larry of Montezuma will have to defend his record as Montezuma Mayor, which has been less than stellar as LeVonda Journey-Bush will seek to unseat him as mayor of the City. This maybe the best shot to unseat Larry who was elected in 1999 as the city continues to deteriorate. If Larry runs on his lackluster record, his goose is cooked!! COOKED!!!! Expect him to run a personality based campaign to distract voters from his not-so-stellar record as mayor. Journey-Bush who has been a regular at the Montezuma City Council Meetings will be making her first bid for office, but she will a formidable candidate, make no mistake about it!

JOBS, ECONOMIC DEVELPOMENT, PUBLIC SAFETY, ACCOUNTABILITY are the issues in this election. You can also apply this to the city council races as well

Also incumbent City Councilmen Charles Ivey, Norman Carter & Jim Trask will have to defend their seats against challengers Beau Palmer, Frank Lester III (who previously served as councilman), Juliath 'Dee' Gilmore, Judy Hasselkus & Tarschea Fudge-Riley who lost by a mere margin back in 2007.

No need to highlight elections of Oglethorpe, Ideal, Marshallville. Montezuma is the one to watch!

The race to watch is Montezuma as the city has been hit hard by loss of businesses, jobs, friction among the city council members & the mayor. One of the main issues will he the ridiculously high wate & sewage rates the voters have been saddle with for years now..........some citizens have seen their bill go as high as $290, even higher!

This is what I call a BACK DOOR TAX INCREASE!

The city is definitely at a crossroads with no light at the end of the tunnel. Rumors of its major employer Allens, Inc leaving town continues, the loss of population over a 10 year period deepens & with no real plan for the city on the horizon, this is a opportunity for voters to make it known that they are fed up with the lack of progress the city has made & want to stop the regression the city has been in during the last 6 years.

I rarely cover happenings in my home county, but I will be keeping my eye on this one leading up to November

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