Thursday, September 15, 2011

GGW (GOP Gone Wild): What's their Real Goal?

Every since the 2010 elections in which the GOP won 60+ seats in the House of Representatives, the GOP have pretty much blocked, delayed, or stalled anything the president puts forward to try to get this economy moving again.

Every since last year's elections, the GOP (Grand 'Ol Party) ideology has harden to extreme levels to the point that "Compromise" is now a dirty word in Republican Circles.

So my question is what is exactly the republican's goal here?

They say its to reduce the deficit (which many agree), cut spending (yep) & reform entitlements (ok), but today’s Republican Party instead is holding our country’s fiscal solvency hostage in order to achieve radical ideological and political goals.

The ideological motivation for hardline conservatives here is that they think they finally have within their grasp their dream of drowning in the bathtub; any portion of government that benefits the middle class, working class, or poor. They have long wanted to get rid (or drastically) Medicare, Social Security, investments in infrastructure and education, and the social safety net, but they know that such steps would be politically disastrous for them. So, Republicans have spent the past 30 years driving up deficits in order to create a situation where voters feel that we “must” destroy government programs in order to restore fiscal sanity.

Now I admit, government has gotten way too big & have made a mess of things here in the U.S. but why would you hit SS, Medicare, things that many are relying on in today's weak economy?

Now I haven't been a been a supporter of the president & some of his policies, but Im going to come to his defense here: Under Republican presidents, they have drove the deficits up during the Reagan and Bush 41 & 43 Administrations by then record numbers & now it seems that the years prior to 2008 didn't exist & now UN-OH look our deficit is spiraling out of control under president Obama. Yes the president has added to a already skyrocketing deficit & debt, but you need to acknowledge that all this got started long before Obama got into the White House.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Path to Poverty plan devotes all of the “savings” from abolishing Medicare and cutting social programs to further reductions in taxes for the wealthy, rather than to deficit reduction. And that is why the Republicans are opposing a balanced approach to deficit reduction that involves both spending cuts and revenue increases and, instead, pushing for a “Cut, Cap, and Balance” approach that involves $5.5 trillion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and discretionary social spending, and zero in new revenue. The way I loom at it, their priority is destroying government, not reducing the deficit.

The GOP’s pathological intransigence is also motivated by the cold economic calculation that a bad economy bodes well for their desire to defeat President Obama in 2012. That is why from the day that President Obama took office in January 2009, the Republicans have done everything they can to prevent job creation, including weakening the stimulus bill, (who depending who you ask work or didn't work) filibustering TANF and extended unemployment benefits, refusing to approve non-controversial appointees to important positions in the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, and opposing tax relief to small businesses and a temporary cut in payroll taxes that they supported before Obama was President. And in 2010, the GOP campaigned on jobs, but they still have yet to propose any legislation that would create actual jobs. And then they rattled the economy and the markets by pushing our nation to the brink of having to default on its debt. As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear, the Republicans’ number one priority is not job creation or economic recovery but, instead, is to try to ensure that President Obama is defeated in 2012. Holding the debt ceiling increase hostage in the name of dismantling our government is a critical part of the GOP’s attempt to achieve that goal.

In short, the GOP has walked away from the debt ceiling negotiations because their goals are destroying government and defeating President Obama, not because they want to reduce the deficit. It is sad that today’s GOP has put their ideological hatred of government that helps anyone but the rich, and their dislike of our President, love him or hate him is trying his best!

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