Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wanted: Business Saavy People in the Georgia Legislature, especially in the Democratic Party!

With all of the attention focused on Washington these days, let's not forget about what's happening here in Georgia.

Under GOP rule, Georgia has a unemployment rate of 10% which exceeds the national average & for now shows no signs of going down. Now you can blame it on the National Economy & like many blame it on the policies of the Obama Administration.

While Georgia has gained jobs in the form of Kia over in West Point, Ga & the NCR Corp. relocating in Columbus from Ohio, Georgia still has lost 167,000 manufacturing jobs over the last 10 years despite steep Tax breaks for Corporations & big businesses

And the painful consequences of lost jobs, reduced wages and a problematic future for millions of Georgians are hurting people in ways unimaginable just three, four years ago.

I’ve been heard to say publicly that free markets routinely rise and recede, and that politicians don’t really create jobs, businesses do. But economically IGNORANT politicians and bad public policies can make a economic recession much worse and kill jobs. This is exactly why we’re in a hole here in Georgia and digging it

It can’t stay this way, or every single one of us in this great state is in deep trouble; failure to fix our state economy is simply not an option.

We’ll have to get people out of the way who know little to nothing about our free market economy and private enterprise. More lawyers ( nothing against y'all), and people with no private sector experience in charge, simply can’t fix our economy.

Men and women with business savvy can and must.

And we’ll never get enough of them into public service because most just want to grow their businesses, taking justifiable pride in their accomplishments and contributions to Georgia's as well as America’s economic successes.

I also believe that they can resuscitate higher-end manufacturing in this state, which will keep jobs here and create new ones. Creating a more competitive business environment will be required, but the benefits are apolitical and flow to everyone.

If we had more business savvy business minds in the legislature, they could implement policies and regulations to “promote” business formation and growth, instead of policies that are lopsided & caters to a few, Georgia could be one of the leading states in job creation.

High unemployment is bad enough, running off jobs is a killer. Georgia can do better!

Why good business leaders are essential to the recovery is because they’re trained to create jobs, make profits to grow companies, and perhaps most important “think out of the box” to effectively compete in their respective marketplaces.

If you’ve done this with success, applying that experience in creating solutions is an invaluable contribution in fixing this terrible recession we’re in. Business Savvy Public Servants are what's needed in the legislature RIGHT NOW! The current crop of legislators (mostly republicans) in Atlanta have no clue what's going on beside doling out Tax Cuts which has done very little in stimulating Georgia's Economy. Bigger & Bolder ideas as well as "SMART Tax Cuts that will benefit EVERYONE are needed to get this state out of its rut or more jobs will be leaving the state sooner rather than later.

The Georgia Democratic Party needs to attract talented business savvy, business friendly conservatives in its ranks who can think outside of the box. Who can offer new ways to create jobs. The same 'ol policies going back to the LBJ era aren't going to work anymore. Be different than the current Georgia GOP who are following the lead of its National Counterparts, the National Republican party in enacting policies that only help the very comfortable, well-to-do constituents that line their pockets with campaign donations. Like the liberal democratic policies of the 60s & 70s, the Conservative republican politics of the 80s are not going to work either. Something new is needed, not recycled policies of the past.

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