Monday, August 22, 2011

Georgia New Congressional Map: Barrow on the move.....AGAIN??? Bishop a lock! Scott more safer?

Today the New Georgia Congressional Map is out & with no surprise, Conservative Democrat John Barrow (D-Savannah) is on the move once again. Hos home of Chatham County is now occupied by Jack Kingston (R-Savannah). New counties in Barrow's district are Laurens, Coffee, Appling, Jeff Davis, Telfair, Wheeler, & republican south Columbia County.

Other Bluedog Sanford Bishop is made safer with the removal of Thomas County from his district. He now has Bibb County & much more of Muscogee County (Columbus) going into midtown Columbus.

Freshman Austin Scott is made safer by the removal of democratic Bibb County, but he has republican North Bibb County in the district. He takes in much of Kingston's western half of the district of Lowndes, Clinch, Lanier, Cook, Berrien, Atkinson, Echols, & he takes democratic Brooks County from Sanford Bishop.

Arch Conservative Paul Broun of Athens now has a much more competitive district for democrats to contend with. He takes Barrow & Walton Counties from Rob Woodall of the 7th CD, & he takes John Barrow democratic areas of Hancock, Baldwin, Taliaferro, Johnson, Warren, republican lean Glascock, Jefferson, Washington (Dem leaning counties) & Takes old portions of 8th CD Jasper, Butts, Newton & eastern Henry County.

The new 14th CD now hovers over NE Georgia, with Hall County the anchor county

Tom Price 6th CD now occupies Bartow County & snakes into north central Fulton County.

The other Districts are pratically the same Tom Graves now takes Floyd, Polk & Haralson Counties, as well as Paulding County.

What to make of this?

This opens the door for State Senator Tommie Williams (R-Lyons) to run for this seat. Based on the proposed district, it was drawn specifically for him. Greg Morris, (R-Vidalia), a former democrat who switched in 2006 could also be another possibility.

Bishop is less likely to received a challenge from a republican, but given the mrgin he won, its like he will receive another challenge.

Austin Scott must be happy camper right now. With Thomas County now included, the 8th appears to be much safer for him, but who knows? Although North Bibb is republican, there are democrats up there as well & could get a challenge from that portion of the county. Or it could come from Houston County or down somewhere in South Georgia.

Paul Broun is in a totally new district! If this stands, former Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond would be the ideal candidate to run in this district. Its much more friendly for democrats.

The 12th & 10th CD in my opinion are tossup districts because they have been so altered by the ruling Georgia GOP.

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