Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Own Version of Reapportionment: Georgia Style 2011

Here's what the districts would look like if I were redrawing the maps (Sorry I didn't include the Metro Atlanta Districts) If you are the democrats here in Georgia especially Barrow, Bishop, I would hope & pray that this version or something similar would be the end result after the special session. (Note: Clayton is still in Scott's District, not in Bishop's) In the 2nd, I included all of Muscogee County, as well as Upson comes into the fold. Tift, Cook are brought back into the district. The District will be knocking on the door of 50% African-American population. And it sets up nicely for Bishop's replacement when he decides to retire from congress. But it may spur more GOP candidates in running for this seat with the inclusion of Tift & Cook County, but Bishop represented these counties before & did very well in them

In the 8th, Tift (Scott's former home is now gone) & East Atlanta Republican Suburb of Walton County is brought in the 8th, all of Newton is now included as well & Lamar County is back as well. This district should help Scott in retaining the seat. Bibb County stays in the 8th. It belongs in Middle Georgia, not in a SW Georgia based district. The district remains a republican tilt district, but if the right democrat comes along, it can be won back by the dems.

In the 12th, Chatham is gone from the district & Greene, Morgan, & Putnam is brought into the district, all of Richmond Co is now included & Johnson Co is gone, making the district a Tossup/lean democratic district. And it will force Barrow to either run in the 1st (Jack Kingston) or relocate to Augusta. Remember, here in Georgia, a candidate does not have to reside in his or her district to run for congress, (Saxby Chambliss back in 1994 lived in the 2nd, but represented the old 3rd, now 8th District)

In the 3rd, Westmoreland District remains safe, no worries there for the GOP

In the 10th, Broun loses Greene, Morgan, & Putnam Counties, but that's offset with the inclusion of fast growing Barrow County. Its still safe for Broun for now!


Anonymous said...

You do realize that if you look at the results from the past election Bishop would have lost handily to Keown if the district looks like you have it drawn up here.

Keith said...

He would have....You're absolutely right! Had the GOP left the district like it was prior to 2005& he would have lost & Keown would have been elected.

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