Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Marshall follow in Footsteps of Nunn, Russell, Talmadge in 2014?

Georgia have produced some of the finest politicians this country has ever seen. From Hoke Smith to Walter F George to Sam Nunn. All these men, as well were very influential in their time.

There's another person who could do the same: Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall can be found nowadays teaching at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at his alma mater of Princeton University, where he is a visiting professor after his defeat to Austin Scott in the 2010 midterm elections.

After his defeat questions arose as to whether or not Marshall will run again for elected office. He didn't close the door to a return to politics after his hometown gave him a reception thanking him for his service representing the 8th District.

Some of his ardent supporters have always said that Marshall's talents would best served in another capacity besides the U.S. House of Representatives. Marshall will have his pick of office to run for in 2014. There the governor's seat, where he has been mentioned as a potential candidate, then there's the US Senate.

If there's any place Marshall would fit in, it would be the US Senate. He will be 66 years old when Saxby Chambliss's seat is up for re-election. Marshall, a moderately conservative democrat is tailored made for the deliberate body that is the US Senate, with his Bi-Partisan tendencies to work across the isle. Marshall, a veteran of the Vietnam War his deep knowledge of the Military & Foreign Relations which will rival that of John McCain.

Georgia's two current senators Saxby Chambliss & Johhny Isakson are good men, but they don't have "IT" like Richard (R.B.) Russell, Jr who had "IT", or Walter F. George or Sam Nunn.

If you look at the possible 2014 field of democratic candidates, Jim Marshall is the top-tier candidate for the democrats. Other than Marshall, there's John Barrow potentially, as well as Rob Teilhet.

Democrats biggest problem in Georgia is their inability to win in rural Georgia, which not too long ago was dominated by Conservative democrats. As the party became more "Urban" based & more closely aligned with the National Democrats (which doesn't help in Georgia) the rural vote steadily moved towards the GOP. Marshall's ability to attract votes in small town rural Georgia would be a huge asset, as well as his appeal to like-minded republicans. But will the liberal base go all & support a Marshall candidacy if he were to make a run is the $64,000 question.

I for one would like to see Jim Marshall make one more run for office, that is for the US Senate

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