Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will GA Rep. Paul Broun (R-Athens) be a target in 2012?

10th District congressman Paul Broun (R-Athens) practice a art that was so skillfully mastered by the likes of Gene Talmadge, Theodore Bilbo & other old time southern politicians:


This is one of the main reasons why democrats, Georgia & Washington Democrats ought to have a bullseye on the disgrace that is Paul Broun. Yes, I know the 10th is one of the reddest districts in the state, if not the country, but that doesn't mean majority of voters up there tolerate or support the demagogue tactics of that of Dr Paul Broun

Broun is skilled in that type of oratory, flattery, and invective, evasive in discussing vital issues, promising everything to everybody, appealing to the passions of those who are outside the mainstream rather than the reason of the public, and arousing racial, religious, and class prejudices. History tells us that personal liberty is most often the demagogue's first victim, particularly when popular sentiment is whipped up against some internal or foreign enemy. In other words, liberty and demagogues cannot coexist.

He gained his seat in congress by appealing to people's emotions, instincts, and prejudices in a way that is considered manipulative and dangerous. This is a man that thinks Social Security is unconstitutional. This is a man who back in 2009 wrote a letter for a mailing by the American Conservative Union warning that if health care reform passes, “your doctor may be banned from giving you or your loved ones the life-saving care they need! He also said that President Obama "likely will move to ban gun ownership if he were to build a national police force, which is a classic case of a paranoid loon.

Y'all get the picture! The man has no business representing the great state of Georgia & the proud, independent nature of the 10th Congressional District.

Its time to find a credible challenger to put against Paul Broun next year. I'm going to say it again, but former State Labor Commissioner Mike Thurmond is the "ONE" I'd be courting if I were Heath Shuler, one of the leaders of the Bluedog Coalition & the DCCC, as well as the Georgia Democratic Party. If not Thurmond, then I'd venture north to Union County & court young 32 year old Conservative Democrat Jack Lance who ran for HD 8 last year.

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