Monday, May 16, 2011

GA-SD 12: Shivers v Sims in 2012?

Down in the isolated corner of Georgia, you will find Clay County, a small, sleepy farming community located along the banks of the Chattahoochee River & Lake Walter F George.

There you will find Clay County Commissioner David Shiver (D-Fort Gaines), a farmer & owner of Clay Farm Products (Riverside Peanut Co). Shiver, a conservative democrat was elected to the Clay County Board of Commissioners in 2000, having won re-election twice. He is up for re-election in 2012. That's also when Freddie Powell Sims is up for re-election to the State Senate. With the expected widening of SD 12, you can expect democratic challengers to Sims seat & Shivers is one of those possibilities.

Shivers is a life long resident of Clay County. He has been married to his wife Sandy for thirty years and has one daughter, Heather. Commissioner Shivers and his wife also have one granddaughter. The Shivers also operate Joe and David Shivers Farm, LLC & a member of Clay County Economic Development Council since 2004

Shivers holds the distinction of being the first commissioner to complete the ACCG Commissioners Certification training. He is also a certified volunteer firefighter, became an ordained Deacon in 2000 and is presently Chairman of Deacons at Bethel Baptist Church.

One of his main goals is to continue improving services while creating jobs to keep the young people at home in Clay Co & this is a problem for just about every rural county in Georgia.

If Shivers were to officially run for the State Senate, he'll have to do it on his own due to the Georgia Democratic Party rule of not getting involved in primary elections, which is questionable.

I have long called for the elimination of democratic legislators who are "ineffective" & Sims fits that bill as a ineffective legislator.

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