Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Next????

I'm a little worn out about talking about what democrats need to do in order to be successful once again here in Georgia. Since 2009 I've been writing about the ills of the Georgia Democratic Party & their shortcomings & what they need to do to change the trend. I don't if any of this stuff is being paid attention to, or being taken seriously by the progressives who dominate the party right now! I really don't know!

There are different strokes for different folks & one size does not fit all! All I'm saying is & I don't know why this is so hard for democrats to the left of me to understand, but you have got to run certain types of democrats in certain areas of this state.

Whether its a Christian Conservative Democrat in Southeast Georgia, or a moderate populist democrat in West Central Georgia, or a true blue liberal in the Urban Areas of the state, or just a plain 'ol conservative democrat in North Georgia.

(SIGH!!!!!!!) I don't know!

Until they level the playing field for elections in Georgia, dems are always going to be on the back bench."

Changing demographics will once again give the potential for democrats to change the trend that has been going overwhelmingly republican for the last 6-7 years. But, in order to take advantage of changing demographics there have to be credible candidates running for office at the local level who can rise up the ranks and become the legislators and statewide candidates of the future. The bench is awfully thin for Georgia Democrats. It’s strong candidates all over the state and local leadership that will build a strong party for the future, not the “big timers”, "the big daddys", "the big wigs" that do things the way they have always been done and are running it slam into the ground.

The last line of defense for democrats here is at the local level & its the one place state republicans have not been able to grab a hold on, but that's all about to change. Its one of the reasons why I ran for congressional party chair because to maintain democratic hold at the local level & help candidates running for the state legislature in the future. Too bad some of the committee members in the second district didn't see it that way.

And let me reiterate one thing: Dems must not write off small town Georgia to the GOP. When you forfeit rural Georgia, that means your sights tend to drift too far left & sadly that's what has happened here by those who say small town Georgia is a lost cause. Well I have run out of things to say about this. 2 years is enough!!! Hopefully this is the last post I write about democrats & what they need to do to win again in this state, but I doubt it!!!!

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Slyram said...

You tell them, man. And I will remember you telling them so they can't say they weren't hold. (At some point, we might need to discuss a Plan B).

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