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Obama's Citizenship Status makes it way to the Georgia Legislature

Time to tell it like it is.............

Once again, the President’s citizenship are up for debate, this time by State Rep Mark Hatfield (R-Waycross) who filed a bill yesterday to require the president & vice -president to show proof of their US Citizenship before being placed on the ballot here in Georgia in 2012. And what makes it so sad is that 94 Georgia State GOP Reps signed onto this non-sense! This so-called issue has really worn out its welcome, yet it persists, a tumor that continues to eat away at the President’s legitimacy in the eyes of his detractors. One thing I don’t think anyone would call it is an example of people having a right to their own opinion.

It has been said, many times, that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but not his or her own facts. The President’s citizenship AND his religious beliefs are what they are. There is no debate here, you may have a right to your own opinion, but to cling to a mistaken notion is to willingly believe something that is not true. In spite of this simple concept, House Speaker David Ralston, said he would not stop committee-level debate of a bill to require President Barack Obama to provide proof of his American birth in order to get on the ballot next year. I should hope that an honest republican elected public official would do his best to set the record straight.

I consider telling the truth and the ability to educate the public to be valuable assets in a public official.

Again, this is not an objectionable claim (though one could debate whether Republicans have effectively listened to their constituents over the years). But when many loud, obnoxious public figures and angry citizens falsely accuse the President of being a secret Muslim outsider who illegally obtained his position and plans to transform the country into some socialist utopia, one has to wonder when politicians on the right will finally stand up and keep the discourse sensible.

Of course, there is a very real political motive at work here, as such false notions eat away at the President’s clout and motivate an angry hive of potential Republican voters eager to oust the so-called "Manchurian candidate" in 2012. By allowing this false information to persist, Republicans implicitly suggest that the President is lying. The 94 Republican politicians are allowing themselves to go on record as not being part of the insanity of the so-called “birther” movement while still acting as if it is a legitimate alternative viewpoint.

Ignorance should be confronted, and the truth should come first. Only then can meaningful debate occur. But if the goal is to win cheap political victories and to keep real issues out of the spotlight, then the logical thing to do is encourage and advance this ignorance.

Now despite my disapproval with the president on some things he has done as president, President Obama made a big deal out of trying to be post-partisan and uniting the country. Rather than demonize him by using the very same partisan tricks that he made every effort to rise above, perhaps the 94 Republicans that signed on to this bill can try being responsible for once and not even consider such a vote. Keep such miniscule, non-issues out of the public discourse.

By allowing these rumors and misconceptions to thrive, Georgia Republicans are not contributing to a stronger, more united country that stands with its President and can have mature discussions about the issues that really matter. These emotional, instinctive and unsupported arguments distract and divide in a time when the country, as well as the state desperately needs to move forward

This is not the kind of leadership that Hatfield & the 94 republican co-sponsors should be displaying when so many citizens have decided to give his party a chance to turn things around.

Hatfield calls himself a "CONSTITUTIONALIST", NOT A Birther. Mr Hatfield by filing such ridiculous piece of legislation such as requiring proof of citizenship by the president & vice-president (let's keep it real here, this is all about the president & nothing else), you officially make yourself a BIRTHER! Plain & Simple. Bobby Franklin, you are in the same boat.

This man has been president for 3 years 7 we are still talking about whether or not he is a citizen of the US. Obama was born in 1962 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaii became a state (59th) in 1959. So case closed! But for some reason those on the lunatic fringe of the right continue to say that he was born in Kenya, hell some have said that he was born in Indonesia. Enough Already! And you can well expect Hatfield to appear on a few national shows such as Fox News, PBS, CNN, etc.

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Josh J. said...

Unfortunately, the only real term you used to refer to the "birthers" that is anywhere accurate is ignorant. Yes, indeed, we are ignorant. We are ignorant because the Obama campaign, administration and all his allies have deliberately kept us that way. There are far to many folks smelling smoke and wondering about fire. When we ask reasonable questions, we are derided, mocked and subjected to all sorts of spurious ad hominem attacks, but the question goes unanswered; namely - Why hide the actual documents?
With no records from Occidental college, no long form birth certificate (not certification of live birth - a birth certificate, giving doctors name&signature, time, etc) being released, and many , many dollars having been spent to suppress this information, we wonder why. For the record, I do think he was born in Hawaii, but the questions remain on why the huge coverup. Step outside your partisan bubble and ask why the Governor of Hawaii claims to be unable to locate the document, after the previous one claimed to have seen it, but released a VERY carefully worded press statement that released her from liability. "I have personally verified that Hawaii holds the original document?" WTH is that? She never said it was a Hawaiin document, it could have been one issued from Kenya, and many people think it does.
As stated, I do not believe he was born anywhere other than in Hawaii, as the logistics in moving a baby Barack back then from Kenya to Hawaii preclude the possibility to my mind. I think it far more likely that the name was changed legally to something other than Barack Obama, more likely Barry Soetoro, and he has been using his birth name, not his official name from when he was adopted.
The certicate issue is however a red herring, since IAW the common usage of the term "Natural born citizen" at the time of the framing of the Constitution he fails half of the 2-prong requirement, in that he was a British citizen at birth via Barack Obama SR., and as such was born with dual citizenship, making him Juris Solis (by location)only, not Juris Sanguinis (by heredity) for purposes of constitutional qualifications. You do your position a vast disservice by oversimplifying the issue, and mocking the real concerns of those of us who believe he is not now, never was, and never will be constitutionally qualified for the office he holds. I believe the term for that is "usurper" and it is an impeachable offense (high crimes and misdemeanors, dontcha know) and could carry a death penalty, (treasonous, if done knowingly).
At any rate, insulting the 60% of the population who have questions will not settle the arguement in your favor, it wil only irritate us and further convince us that the duplicity of the Democratic party is purposeful and deliberate, rather than simple obstinate willful blindness.

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