Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jason Carter: The Future can't come fast enough

Having been in the State Senate for just over a year, Jason Carter (right, along with his grandfather Jimmy Carter) has filled the leadership vacuum that haven't been seen or felt in the Georgia State Senate since Robert Brown was elected minority leader in 2005.

The grandson of former president James E. (Jimmy) Carter, the younger Carter have shown what he might be capable of down the road in Georgia Politics if he should seek higher office

Carter's Hope Scholarship alternate to the Georgia GOP'S includes awarding a full tuition scholarship to high-achieving students whose families earn up to $140,000 a year.

The plan also expands the proposed Zell Miller Scholarship so that it would cover tuition, books and fees for students who graduate in the top 3 percent of their high schools.

His plan also includes a county-by-county look at what effects Hope have in each of Georgia's 159 counties.

My hat's off to Senator Carter for offering a alternate to the disastrous proposal offered by the republicans that will no doubt affect students who live in Rural Georgia, as well as those living in the poverty stricken Urban areas of the state

Its nice to see a ray of sunshine from the democratic party & its from a man who I think should consider running for minority leader of the State Senate in 2012. This is a example of what leadership is supposed to be, do you hear me Robert Brown?

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Obi's Sister said...

The link for the county by county Hope doesn't work.

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