Monday, December 6, 2010

The Time is Now...........

As a a Rural Georgia Democrat with views different that that of my progressive friends, I have seen serious cracks in party unity for a while now. This is one of the reasons why we cannot win right now is because we are too split as a state party. In this dairy of mine I will outline what i think are the issues that are causing the Democratic Party to be divided. These are isses that the party needs to solve before they can start thinking of winning again.

There is too much emphasis on the term liberal, moderate & conservative democrats. We have to start refering to ourselves as Democrats again and not bring attention to the different ideological stances. Look at the Republican Party, yes there are (used to be) moderate Republicans and conservative Republicans but you don't usually see them refered to as that, they are usually refered to as Republicans.

One thing that has to be done is for liberal, moderate and conservative Democrats to see that they both are Democrats and neither one of them is more of a democrat than the other. The Abortion issue is another major issue in the party. Some of us hate it and see it as barbaric and some of us see it as a way to give a woman the right to decide what's right for her & her unborn child. So what we have to do is find a way for us to compromise on the issue and also don't talk about it as much.

Follow President Reagan's 11th commandment and not attack one another. We need to present a united front and if we do disagree do it in private.

Georgia Democrats need to "get down to business". A Georgia Democratic Party refocused on revitalizing our state's economy, protecting our public education, and re-establishing itself as the party for the middle class is what voters are demanding. If we do this, victory at the polling booths will take care of itself.

Five things the State Democrats need to do is:

(1) Customers don’t buy features and functions
(2) Never promise more than you can deliver
(3) Never sell against your brand
(4) Be clear on why you are the better option than the current majority
(5) Sell what you’ve got, not what you’ll have

The Democratic Party for the last 6 years has been dominated by its more progressive wing over this past decade and there needs to be a balance. If the Democratic Party doesn’t change and let its moderates as well as conservatives hold more sway, my prediction is that this could well be the last gasp of the Democratic Party for a long while.

Stay Tuned!

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Keith said...

Keith, the majority of Georgians are right of center, so whichever party contains the "liberal" minority will be the liberal party and will have no chance at statewide office. Everything has changed, and if you are a "conservative" Democrat you now have no home. Swallow your pride and become a moderate Republican or be an independent. But you are not a Democrat if your political philosophy does not line up with that of the liberal/progressive/socialist Democrat Party of today.

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