Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bell, a Conservative African-American Democrat Goes to the GOP

This cause me to pause for a minute....................

Up in North Georgia, Hall County Commissioner Ashley Bell has decided to switch parties & join the Georgia GOP. Bell who was accompanied by Ga GOP Cairwoman Sue Everhart, state Rep. Melvin Everson, (R-Snellville), Georgia Black Republican Council Chairman Michael McNeely and party activist Rufus Montgomery made the announcement this morning.

Bell says: "I’m joining the Republican Party because I’m a conservative and simply feel more at home as a Republican,” Bell said in a statement. “I have worked to make government more efficient and less intrusive in citizens’ lives and plan to continue those efforts as a Republican.”

Bell was a former national president of the College Democrats of America was a 2004 delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

His defection, in my opinion shows how far the Democratic Party has fallen in Georgia.

Bell, a Hall County native, was elected in 2008 at age 27 to become Hall County's youngest ever Commissioner and one of the youngest in the State of Georgia. Mr. Bell is a graduate of Gainesville High, Valdosta State University, and attended law school at the University of Georgia and Louisiana State University. He is also honored to be a 21st Century Leadership Fellow at the Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. Commissioner Bell is an attorney and partner at Bell & Washington, LLP practicing law throughout the State of Georgia.

I never met Bell in person, but we are FB Friends & his loss is huge for the DPG. He is the first Black Democrat to switch parties, joining several other dems who have switched during the past few weeks after the Nov 2 disaster.

I've always said that the Democratic Party needs more conservative black democrats in its ranks, which are filled by far-left black democrats from nickel-sized house & senate districts. Like Bell, I am a conservative black democrat, maybe a tad bit more conservative on some issues that Bell. Seeing a young up & coming conservative democrat like Bell leave caused me to pause & think for a minute.....

I wish Bell all the success in the Georgia GOP.


Theodore Herrera said...

Keith it is time for you to switch and become a Republican.The Democrat Party is racing Left and is leaving you in the dust.The GOP is not perfect but it is representing the people of Georgia.Thanks....Theodore Herrera Fmr Chair Berrien County Republican Party

Slyram said...

Kieth: the DPG has issues, we can all see that. But first, check out the new group I like this group of Dems, GOPers and Indies.

Theodore Herrera said...

Slyram with all respect that nolabels group has zero influence.Its made up of RINO Republicans who never amounted to anything sprinkled in with a few Dems to make it Bi-Partisan.I am sure the Democrats dont even take them serious.Politics is not beanbag and this attempt to make "thoughtful"centrist is a sure loser.....Keith you have said it yourself the DPG will have little impact on Georgia for a long time.If you left it would send a powerful message to the liberals that run the Democratic Party in Georgia.I hope you will at least think on it.

Chris Sloan said...

Keith thank you for bleeding blue like me! I am honored to have you jumping into the leadership elections. Please let me know what I can do to help.

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