Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who should be the next chairman of the DPG?

It's a job that no one in their right mind would want. says Andre Walker at Georgia Politics Unfiltered in a post he wrote yesterday...........AND HE'S RIGHT!

This is a job that pays nothing, let me repeat, nothing! You're basically working for free.

Yesterday Current Chairwoman Jane Kidd sent word that elections for new Chairman, First Vice Chair & a whole host of other seats will take place on Jan 29.

It is a difficult job especially when your party is in the minority & none from your party are holding any statewide offices.

Having said that, this party needs someone who's financially stable (remember the job pays zero), someone who has the necessary leadership skills, who has ran, or lead a organization, business, etc. Someone who has a no-nonsense personality & who can stand up to different factions in the party, Someone who has a winning attitude.

I thought this & three people comes to mind:

(1) Former Secretary of State, Adjuntant General of the Ga National Guard David Poythress
(2) Former Congressman, Mayor Jim Marshall
(3) My wild card pick, Former Mayor, USAF Veteran Carl Camon

All three men have track records of success. Each bring something different to the table, neither are tied to the current democratic establishment & all have strong personalities that would benefit the party going down the road towards 2012 & beyond.

Each person may well run for public office again in the future, Marshall may run for governor or the US Senate in 2014, Camon may run for a State Senate or statewide seat (he's only 41) & Poythress may make another crack for governor, who knows.

But in the meantime, from 2011 til 2014 one of these individuals can begin to lay the foundation for future success of the party going forward.

Not to say that other potential candidates for the job won't measure up, it just these men have what it takes to get the ball rolling. Now its just a question of persuading each of them to consider running for the job, which isn't easy!

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