Thursday, November 18, 2010

Troup County Democratic Chairman to run for DPG Vice-Chair of Congressional Districts

Chris Sloan, chairman of the Troup County Democratic Party announced that he will seek the seat of DPG Vice chairman of Congressional districts and county liason. Exactly what the party needs is new blood

Sloan is a graduate of LaGrange High School & attends Ashford University majoring in Politicasl Science & History.

Sally Rosser, who is currently the Vice-Chairman of Congressional Districts & County Liason has not said whether or not she will seek the post again.

One position to keep a watch on is the Vice-Chair for Candidate Recruitment held by State Rep Winfred Dukes (D-Albany). If there is anyone who doesn't need to hold a position such as this that is Dukes himself.

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Anonymous said...

I posted this before, but never really got an answer. Is Zell Miller still involved in the GA Democratic Party? I'm a fan, so it would be nice to know if he's still a "D".

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