Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senate Democratic Caucus Sits on close to $500,000 in anticipation for 2012 Elections

As y'all know I have been very critical of the house democratic caucus for not stepping up to the plate to assist our democratic challengers. Well just as I thought I've heard everything I needed to hear, here comes the Senate Democratic Caucus

This time, I'm turning my fire towards Minority Leader Robert Brown (D-Macon)

( To all members who ran for the State Senate this year, brace yourselves)

Last night during a conversation I was having with a former candidate who ran for the State Senate recently & this person told informed me that the Senate Democratic Caucus was sitting on close to $500,000. Let me repeat, $500,000 in funds & they didn't give not one cent to any of the candidates who was running for the State Senate

Well this source told me that Minority Leader Robert Brown decided to sit on the cash in preparation for the upcoming 2012 elections instead of this year's elections.

Brown is all but likely to leave the senate next year to run for mayor of Macon, so why did he make such a decision knowing in all likelihood that he won't be around when the 2012 elections rolls around?


Based on tuesday night, he may have made the right decision, because anything with a "R" next to it was going to win regardless. Hell, if a trained seal was running as a republican, he would have won as well. It was just that kind of year for the republicans, so in a way, Brown may have saw the writing on the wall.

But what if Floyd Griffin had a extra $40,000 to work with, or Eric Christ had $35,000 to work with or more? Could that have made the difference in those races? Probably!

So when 2012 rolls around, the senate caucus will be well funded to support candidates whoever decides to run two years from now. Dems tend to do better during presidential elections.


To all dems: Another showing like the one just occured happens again in 2012, you can stick a fork in the Georgia Democratic Party

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Talking Head said...

In 2012, after redistricting, the number of distrcts where Democrats can be competitive will shrink even more. That $500k won't do you any good then.

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