Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A look deep in the race for HD 153

My thanks to John Tibbetts for providing me with this info. Check this out:

Rep Party of GA expenditures in House 153 race:

$80K-100K:$18500 network TV Ads
$ 1100 local access TV Ads
$ 875 Newspaper
$56000 Direct mail (estimated @ $7000 per piece at least 7 mailers)Likely other costs I don't know about and can't trace.

Dem Party of GA/Caucus expenditures in House 153 race:

$0.00. (Shaking my head)

Do the math. If we pull the upset - and I think we can - we'll be damned lucky to have dodged the bullett.

This is a seat that Tibbetts got 46% & 47% in his two runs against Austin Scott. If dems don't win this seat, there will be alot of second guessing on Nov. 3

There's no way in the world that democrats can win with a huge disadvantage like that. The only reason we have a chance in this race, as well as others is the candidates themselves.

I mentioned last week that there will be some democrats who will be strong enough to rise above party labels to go on to win their elections.

John Tibbetts is one of those democrats. Others who I predict will go on to win their races are"

Quentin Howell, HD 141
Fenika Miller, HD 145,
Jack Lance, HD 8
Marjean Boyd, HD 172
Chris Irvin, HD 28
Maryline Blackburn, HD 34
David Gault, HD 125
James RC Timmons, HD 171
Rudy Cox, HD 110
Matt Roberts, HD 109
Will Avery, HD 19

We'll see tonight!

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