Monday, October 25, 2010

Santamaria, Hatchett Discuss the Issues at Tea Party Rally

Santamaria says "he turned down thousands of dollars from some Democratic fundraisers because he didn't completely agree with their views". Interesting.

Saturday in Laurens County, Dr. Pablo Santamaria (D) & Matt Hatchett (R) attended a forum hosted by the Tea Party of Middle Georgia dubbed "We the People Rally". One will replace DuBose Porter who left his seat to run for governor.

About 50+ attended the forum in which both candidtaes discusses issues ranging fron Infrastructure to education.

Santamaria, a doctor in Laurens County, described himself as a conservative Democrat and said he's not about the politics.

"I'm not bought and sold," Santamaria told the audience.

Hatchett, a Dublin City Councilman, said that public service was in his blood. "I work hard," Hatchett said. "I want to continue to work hard for our entire district."

Santamaria says he agrees sales tax is key, but says the current system needs to be fixed.

Instead of sending all the money up to Atlanta and have them send it back to us," Santamaria said, "let's take a piece of the sales tax and send them what's left over." Another hot topic the two discussed was Obama's health care plan.

Hatchett says he'll do whatever he can to keep it out of Georgia.

Santamaria says it has some benefits, but overall, is not affordable for the people.

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