Friday, October 1, 2010

Rural Progressive Patrick Davis of the Macon Examiner "35 Rural Counties that can turn Georgia Blue" Series

Patrick Davis of the Macon Examiner has started a series called "35 Rural Counties that can turn Georgia Blue". No. 35 was Peach Co, No. 34, Irwin County & today No. 33 Dooly County.

This series according to Davis was prompted my recent blog comments in regard to the impression that some leaders in Georgia’s Democratic Party want to concede parts of Central and all of rural south Georgia to Republicans because it is viewed as unwinnable.

I hope y'all go & read his daily articles on the Macon Examiner/Political Buzz. Davis is a self-described Rural Progressive & yes there are rural Progressives living here in Rural Georgia. So for all you naysayers who think that all Rural Democrats are conservative like me, think again because here is one right here.

You can also find him on Facebook & Twitter.

Click on link at top of page to view Davis recent articles.

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