Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Roy Barnes Accomplishments during his first term

Roy had many legislative accomplishments during his term as Governor.

In Education, he focused on lowering class size, raised standards by requiring accountability, and passed legislation requiring more discipline in the classroom. He also created a comprehensive group to study education in Georgia and undertook the most widespread revision of education in a generation.

Believing that health care in Georgia must be both affordable and accessible, Roy successfully fought for passage of the bill that guaranteed patients the right to choose their own doctor, and a bill that established a patient's bill of rights and allowed insurance companies to be held liable for denying or delaying much needed care.

As Governor, Roy also demanded that taxes be cut.

He completed four years of a property tax cut on homes and family farms. He passed a property Tax Payers Bill of Rights that exposes backdoor tax increases of increasing assessments to public scrutiny. Roy also passed the first ever Sales Tax Holiday for Georgia in an effort to stimulate the economy and provide citizens with immediate tax savings. Roy honored his campaign promises and made tough decisions to insure hope for jobs, education and healthcare.

Barnes also created the OneGeorgia Program that was designed to bring Economic vitality to rural Georgia. Not to mentioned the changing of the Confederate Flag, which was a major reason he lost.

Now you all have seen the ads from the RGA Georgia distorting & depicting Barnes first four years as governor as "disastorous", which it wasn't. The state's economy grew after Barnes first term despite a recession & created over 235,000 jobs. Yes, the state unemployment rate grew from 3,9% to 4.9% ,those numbers sound better that the 10% unemployment rate we are facing right now.

I'll say this, for all of the "I don't like Roy talk" let me tell it like it is: "Barnes is just like medicine, He might taste bad to some going down, but once he's been in you for a while, you'll feel better". And let me tell you, no one likes to be sick & right now given the condition of this state, I'd rather have some of that Barnes medicine than Deal's that may make the condition worse than it is & Georgia can't afford that

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