Friday, October 15, 2010 Founder & Macon Councilman Erick Erickson says he will vote for Carol Porter for Lt. Gov

CNN Contributor, founder of, Peach Pundit & Macon City Councilman Erick Erickson said in a post on his website Peach Pundit that he will cast a vote for Carol Porter who is running for Lt. Governor against Casey Cagle.

Here's what Erickson said last night on PP: "I think the Senate GOP was much more functional when they ran the place as a committee with a marginalized Mark Taylor. I think Casey Cagle has been vain, vapid, vindictive and driven by innuendo and incompetence".

The decision by Erickson came on the heels of a report originating from the 8th District debate last night in which Jim Marshall was asked a question regarding Austin Scott divorce & whether or not he played any role in the call for Austin Scott to unseal his divorce records.

There have been rumors about Cagle's Ethics & Morals as he was the favorite to win the GOP nod for governor, but abruptly dropped out the race, due to so called health reasons (Bad Back) & decided to run for Lt Governor again, despite a open seat to be the state's top Chief Executive.

I believe Scott also had dirt on Cagle, like Cagle had dirt on Scott as a reason GOP officials were so anxious in getting Scott to reconsider a race for Lt Governor, where it would have gotten very ugly & instead pushed him to run against Jim Marshall, avoiding a blood-bath within the GOP.

But back to Erickson's endorsement, I wonder if any other high-profile republicans will come out & support Carol Porter bid to be the No.2 Executive behind the governor. Its too early to say what kind of impact this will have on the Lt Gov's race, but for Porter this should give her a boost as she marched toward Nov 2.

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