Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Nathan Deal Ethics Troubles?

Associated Press: According to a report by WAGA-TV, Deal’s then-chief of staff Chris Riley sent e-mails to county officials on his House of Representatives e-mail account, inquiring about the effort. House ethics rules prohibit using government resources for private gain.

The station also said Deal appeared in person before county officials to start the process.

The road request was followed by a rezoning request by Deal’s auto salvage business to turn the 137 acres of property at the end of the road into a landfill. The property ended up being rezoned.

Professor Harvey Newman, chairman of Georgia State University Department Public Management and Policy, said such behavior crosses an ethical boundary and erodes public trust in public officials.

“It’s the use of a public office and the abuse of that public office in time, equipment and personnel that is inappropriate for public officials,” Newman told the TV station.

Earlier this year, the Office of Congressional Ethics said Deal’s lobbying of state officials in 2008 and 2009 to preserve a lucrative state arrangement for his auto salvage business may have violated House ethics rules by using official resources for his private gain. Deal met three times with state Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham

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