Friday, October 22, 2010

How has Jim Marshall been able to fend off GOP challenges?

Congressman Jim Marshall, from a Middle Ga. district, is the kind of Representatives most Georgians like and identify with, a Georgia Democrat, not a Washington Democrat.

I once served in the Georgia Legislature as a Georgia Democrat, and if Mr. Marshall was my congressman I would vote for him. He not only stands up to the DC establishment and looks after our state, he also suppords protecting our borders and opposes illegal immigration.

It will be interesting to see if he beats one of Karl Rove's "young guns" , Chamber of Commerce, country club Republicans in the election next month.

That's what Randolph "Randy" Phillips, a former Democratic, or "Dixiecrat" Georgia State Representative & Director of GHC's, (Georgia Heritage Council) 2004 Campaign to restore the 1956-Confederate Flag had to say about Jim Marshall who is running against Austin Scott (R) for the 8th District.

And you have to believe that the majority of voters in the 8th District feel the same way about Jim Marshall, who is trying to fend off a challenge from the GOP "Young Gunner" Austin Scott.

Jim Marshall well positioned going into the final stretch of the 2006 general election as he has been successful in defining himself in specific, positive terms with his constituents.

Despite what opponents say about Marshall, he is well established and held in high regard throughout the district. Voters Are most likely to describe Marshall as honest, with Strong Family Values, and working to protect Robins Air Force Base. Marshall’s strength is also evident beneath the surface. Voters probably describe Marshall as someone who has strong family values and is honest.

He has been characterized as a ‘real hero’, ‘friend of the veteran’, and ‘true American’ by many, while others say he is a humble, down to earth person who is a friend of the Bluecollar Worker.

Marshall is the son and grandson of Army officers. He received a National Merit Scholarship to attend Princeton University, but at the start of his junior year in 1968, relinquished his student deferment and voluntarily enlisted for infantry combat in Vietnam. He was an honor graduate from the Non-Commissioned Officers Course and Ranger School.

Marshall served in combat as a platoon sergeant in C Company and E Recon, 1/52nd of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. The decorated Army Ranger distinguished himself in battle leading his platoon through combat and for his actions was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with ‘V’ Device.

His other decorations include the Combat Infantry Badge, the Purple Heart and a second Bronze Star. Upon completion of his military obligations, Marshall continued his studies as a University Scholar at Princeton, focusing on the Vietnam War and counter-insurgency strategy.

He is being hit for his votes of the Bank Bailout & the Stimulus & relentless efforts by the National Republicans, Shadowy Third Party Groups & Austin Scott to tie him to Nancy Pelosi, who has replaced Ted Kennedy as the GOP boogeyman who Marshall recently said he will not support as Speaker of the House.

Marshall has voted against the Cap & Trade Bill & the highly controversial Healthcare Bill. Like the gentleman from Wilcox County said in a piece conducted by Roll Call: "It’s not his fault things are going the wrong way." Expect some republicans who have supported Marshall in the past to desert Marshall in favor of Scott, but some will remain with Marshall, as well as Independents.

I've heard before that 2006, 2008 was the year to get Marshall, & both times he has been victorious, now I hear that this year is the best chance to do just that. I stand by my prediction that he'll win another term, but I could be wrong. I've learned to never underestimate Jim Marshall & I'm not about to now

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Slyram said...

Keith: The factor that no one is talking about is the traditional Democrat base in the Black community that is hurt on some level by Marshall attitude about Democrats, President Obama and so-called national Democrats.

Don’t assume for a second that a sizeable part of this demographic might vote none of the above and skip this contest. Since my county (Worth) is spilt between the 8th and the 2nd, Marshall basically anti-Democrat ads are not helping our efforts here and I don’t appreciate it.

When I ask Dems in the 8th if they have Marshall’s back, the one in the southern part of the district roll their eyes or simply hang their heads.

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