Monday, October 11, 2010

Hodges out raises Olens in race for Attorney General

Keh Hodges (D-Albany) outraised Sam Olens (R-Marietta) during last quarter fundraising.

Hodges pulled in $530, 825, while Olens pulled in just $ 355, 067.

Hodges has $403,864 on hand, while Olens has only $286,161.

This is a surprise as many though Olens would outraise Hodges given his ties to big money donors in the Metro Area.

Hodges has gotten numerous endorsements from the Law Enforcement community, including the endorsements of close to 100 Georgia Sheriffs in the process. If you're a democrat this is one race you have to feel really good about, but how well Hodges does in Metro Atlanta will be the key. If he has a strong showing in the Metro Area, in addition to his base in South Georgia, he'll be the next Attorney General

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Great article on Ken Hodges:

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