Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Example of a Winner: Joseph Mann. Remember this name folks!

From the North Georgia News:

Fannin County native and north Georgia businessman Joseph Mann (D-Mineral Bluff) is hard at work campaigning for the Georgia State Senate. Joseph Mann has been traveling across the eight north Georgia counties that make up the 51st Senate District for nine months. Mr. Mann has listened to the
people living in this district, and he often visits two or more meetings every day to speak with local citizens, school boards, county commissions and city councils.

Mann strongly believes local control coupled with smarter tax policies will be a major key to economic recovery in north Georgia. “It’s time for someone to stand-up to Atlanta and Washington for our local people and reject their failed top-down approach to government.” Mr. Mann, a conservative Democrat, said, “Radical Democrats and Republicans – especially in Washington – have forgotten the people. While they scramble for a Fox News or CNN soundbite, the people suffer. It’s time we start electing moderate candidates that produce results. I promise to revive a Sam Nunn – Zell Miller era of common sense leadership that made
Georgia great. Twenty percent of our people can’t find work and we aren’t paying our teachers

It’s time for a new generation of public servants –not another tired group of party servants like the ones that got us in this mess. North Georgia is fed-up with incumbent parties on both sides. They have grown out of touch with the lives and values of the people they are supposed to
represent. The people up here are ready for middle ground common sense solutions, and both parties need to move away from the extreme left and right. It’s time to band together and rebuild our prosperity.

I need your help to overcome politics as usual. On the left, Democrats complain, because I like my guns and don’t like abortion. On the right, I ask Republicans who may be justifiably frustrated with D.C. Democrats to judge my values and not stereotype me as a California liberal. There are 116,000 people in this district, and I hope to represent each person – not a party. I am not going to rest until everyone is employed again and our teachers are free to educate the next generation to the highest standards in the world.” Joseph and his wife, Jennifer, have three children and live on a farm in Mineral Bluff. Their son, Noah, and daughter, Faith, are students at West Fannin Elementary.

In February, they welcomed their third child, Owen. The Mann’s attend Harbor Baptist Church. Joseph and Jennifer are active members of the community participating with civic and
volunteer organizations as well as their childrens many activities.

Mann primarily works in the real estate, construction and development industries, and he also works with other small businesses.

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