Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can Russell Edwards take out Extremist Incumbent Paul Broun in Nov?

One race that has gone unnoticed here in the state is up in NE Georgia in the 10th Congressional District as Russell Edwards (D-Athens), a young moderate democrat who have waged a strong challenge to Incumbent Arch-Conservative Paul Broun (R-Athens).

The 10th is a conservative stronghold last represented by the late Charlie Norwood (R). The last democrat to hold that seat was Celete "Don" Johnson in 1992 before losing in 1994 due to his support of then president Bill Clinton's agenda.

The last democrat to run for that seat was Bobby Saxon, a conservative democrat who got 40% of the vote despite running on a shoe-string budget.

Edwards, a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law is a native of Fayette County Georgia wants to unseat Incumbent Paul Broun who has said repeatedly that social security is unconstitutional & needs to be eliminated. Broun has embraced the most "EXTREME" positions & views from supporting laws against efficient light bulbs, and sponsoring legislation to give human fertilized eggs the full legal protection afforded a person from the moment that a sperm penetrates the membrane of the egg cell. Paul Broun has shown that he is willing to take Republican ideology one step further, to embrace the most extreme positions, abandoning common sense for the sake of pandering to the fringe.

Broun in 2008 voted against H.R. 3999, the National Highway Bridge Reconstruction and Inspection Act. Remember the deadly bridge collapse in Minnesota? H.R. 3999 was designed to help prevent that kind of disaster in the future, but Broun voted against it.

Voters have a alternative in Russell Edwards who wants to create jobs for the 10th by strengthening small businesses & to protect social security in which Paul Broun wants to privatize, support public schools & bring real, effective leadership to the district.

Broun has ducking & dodging debating Edwards on the issues in front of voters of the 10th District. Clearly he doesn't want to defend his controversial stances nor his views on issues ranging from social security to job creation. Given how Bobby Saxon took Broun to the woodshed in their one debate last year, I doubt he wants to go back down that road again in a debate with Russell Edwards.

Edwards have been traveling the district non-stop talking to business owners to teachers to seniors. Given the year democrats are facing right now, one can say Broun is the favorite, but who knows?

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