Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can Carol Porter Pull the Upset on Nov 2?

She's no longer a "Novice" candidate. That label doesn't apply to Carol Porter anymore. She is a legitimate candidate who can most certainly knock off Casey Cagle as Lt. Governor on November 2. She has begun to run ads statewide, has gotten significant crossover support from republican & republican-leaning voters, along with creating a borad coalition that's growing by the day.

In her travels across the state, she has touted bringing new, ethical leadership to the State Senate, cleaning the state capitol of corruption, along with jump starting Georgia's economy by creating jobs, improving our educational system, solving our water crisis, etc.

This letter written by a supporter of Carol Porter says it all:

Dear Editor:

As Election Day draws near and the empty, self-serving political rhetoric runs rampant, one honest, clear voice of reason and intellect, that of my friend Carol Dodd Porter, rings out above the quagmire of the crowd.

Having known Carol for the past twenty-four years, I have witnessed her devotion to many jobs: large and small, public and private, secular and sacred. Never has she left a task unfinished; never has she complained that the job was too overwhelming or too undervalued; never has she thrown up her hands in defeat. Carol knows the Source of her strength and wisdom, and she gladly shares her Christian values with anyone she meets. Carol is a woman of integrity and diligence who lends style and grace even to the most menial of jobs. She does not fear long hours, hard work, difficult decisions, or standing alone in defense of what is right. She does not stop until the job is done.

Given our current political options in this election, the Office of Lieutenant Governor will emerge as a vital force in the running of our state. Gone are the days when the Lieutenant Governor can be a rubber-stamping, glad-handing politician, who fills an office with relative ease and little responsibility and who enjoys a soft job with a big salary. This year, my friends, it’s different. We must have a public servant who is willing to work for the people. Carol is the woman for the new job, to be done a new way, for a new breed of Georgians, who expect their elected officials to KEEP their promises and to SERVE them.

Carol is in this race not to make a name for herself, not to enjoy the fruit of others’ labor, not to retire on the backs of the taxpayers, not to couch herself in luxuriant lobbyist dollars, but to serve the people faithfully, to bring honesty to Georgia politics, to end the corruption and arrogance of an elitist few who claim to control Georgia, to demand fair treatment for all citizens, to make the smart decisions, to ferret out the many solutions that are viable answers to the problems of our state, to catapult education to the top of Georgia’s “to do” list, to provide clean water and safe transportation to all Georgians. Her only agenda is the welfare of the people of Georgia, not the swapping out of political favors with power-brokers. She is a political purist, if that’s not an oxymoron in today’s culture, but she is not a political neophyte. Through her hands-on involvement in DuBose’s campaigns for the past twenty-eight years, Carol knows Georgia politics, Georgia issues, and Georgia law as well as, if not better than, any politician out there.

Carol has reared four fine sons: each one an Eagle Scout and each one an intelligent, articulate, courteous, kind, and sincere young gentleman; therefore, I have every confidence that she can handle Georgia as well. As an English teacher of twenty-seven years, I appreciate Carol’s devotion to making education work for EVERY student in Georgia. That is an issue near and dear to my heart, so I plan to do everything I can to help Carol. Job one is getting her elected.

This lifelong Republican is proud to cast a vote for Democrat Carol Porter. Please join me in putting intellect, integrity, diligence, and honesty in the Capitol. Elect Carol Dodd Porter Lieutenant Governor.

With renewed hope for Georgia,
Cindy Locklair Claxton

There is no reason to think that she can't defeat Cagle in Novemeber. In Cagle's first ad he says he protected Educational Funding & didn't balance the budget on the backs of our children is by far the biggest mis-conception & lie I've heard from any Georgia candidate running for office this year against another candidate (besides Austin Scott against Jim Marshall)

She has all the intagibles to be a great Lt. Governor. It just going to take a little push here & there to get Porter where she wants to be & that's Georgia next Lt. Governor. It would be nice if one of our former democrats would give their seal of approval like Sam Nunn (who Carol's Husband DuBose Porter once worked for while Nunn was a senator), Max Cleland, Zell Miller, Cathy Cox, who all are independent individuals who have significant crossover appeal.

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