Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barnes at Mason Pecan Farm for event on Monday

Roy Barnes at a event at The Mason Pecan Farm in Peach County.

Behind the table of food products were a host of farmers, community and state leaders, including:

Former state Rep. Larry Walker (D-Perry),
Former state Rep. Sonny Watson (D-Warner Robins),
Outgoing state Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin (D-Mt. Airey)
Former state Rep. Robert Ray (D-Ft. Valley)
Current State Rep. Lynmore James (D-Montezuma)

Exerpts from the Macon Telegraph:

Thomas Mason of Mason Pecan Farm lauded Barnes as a supporter of the state’s agricultural industry and noted that Barnes supports the farm bill.

“The CEO of Georgia must understand that Georgia’s No. 1 industry is agriculture, and Roy Barnes understands,” Mason said.

Duke Lane, a peach and pecan grower from Fort Valley, also spoke of Barnes’ support of the agriculture industry and the farm bill.

Former Houston County Commissioner Larry Snellgrove who serves on the "Republicans for Roy" Committee, who Barnes noted traveled with him Monday in a yellow campaign school bus, likened the race to a football game.

“It’s the fourth quarter. Two minutes left. We’ve got the ball,” said Snellgrove, who added that the momentum is building toward Barnes. “This election is not about an ‘R’ or about a ‘D.’ It’s about a ‘G’ — Georgia

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