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African-Americans & Voting: Why is it so Damn Difficult to get them to the Polls?

Coming from a very complex family, I can remember my much older family members telling me the first time they went to cast a ballot for the first time in their entire lives due to the system of Jim Crow that kept if not most, but all African-Americans in their place. They were joyous, happy to make their voices heard. It was 1966. The year before, in 1965, the Voting Right Act became law which gave all African-Americans the right to vote. Many before gave their all, including their lives to make that happen.

Too bad my generation don't realize that.

The history of black voting in America nor does it honor the thousands of blacks who sacrificed their lives (like a few of my family members did) obtaining the right to vote and who exercised that right as long as two centuries ago.

Today it seems like Black Americans really don't give a Damn about what their elected officials are doing for the most part. The very ones who point their finger & complain about the lack of jobs, high unemployment, the lack of a educational opportunities & financial security & there are those who still blame "The Man" for all their problems are the very ones who sit on their tails & not cast their vote. There is no excuse for anyone not to get out to the polls this time around & vote in his/her best interest.

Yes they came out to vote for Barack Obama, but it was only to be apart of history in seeing the first African-American elected to the highest office in the land.

That was then...

Here we are approaching another election as democrats face a complete massacre at the polls next tuesday due to a overzealous president who badly misread the voters in thinking that they wanted more government in their lives like the passing of a controversial Healthcare Bill that more that 2/3rds of the American People was absolutely against. It has some stuff in it that will help, but overall, that thing was a debacle.

If you listen to the pundits, they say the GOP base are more jazzed up in turning out to vote, while the Democratic base are dispirited. But the most loyal voting bloc for the party is African-Americans & unless this voting bloc is motivated, a team of mules could move them to the polls.

The Black vote won't save the democrats, but it'll damn sure help them in key races across the country.

African-Americans are so different in their perspectives and opinions that it's hard to think of their votes existing as a collective. Nevertheless...here is my opinion. Yes, I know what they say about opinions, but I fully intend to take advantage of the privilege of expressing mine. This is done in an effort to encourage your participation in the political process.

If you've already pondered what's at stake and have decided not to vote, then there's just no getting through to you. You're a lost cause. Not voting also renders you mute and insignificant. Although, I can't help the feelings of overwhelming curiosity as to why you don't think you should vote. Perhaps you never actually decided not to vote. In that case, you desperately need to be informed that indecision is a decision.

Voting is a privilege that was hard to come by. It was many years that women and minorities could not let their voices be heard in the political arena. People were brutalized and murdered so that you and I can have the luxury of going to the polls to vote, free of charge and without anyone standing in our way. Come to think of it, we don't even have to physically be there. Have you ever heard of the term, "absentee"?

If you have ever complained about the current state of affairs in this country or this state (of course you have) then by all means, either vote or shut up! The time to speak is at the polls. Vote now or forever ( potentially 4 years of Nathan Deal will seem like forever) hold you peace.

The Government is useless, there is nothing they can do to make our lives better, the rising prices, the unemployment, the escalating crime rate…they have no answers. Well, if you are really concerned about all these things, you should have voted. "May be a better candidate would have won, and may be he would have taken some effective measures for improvement…Unless you vote you just can’t blame the government, because you have failed your duties!

Well if you are one of those people who think voting is a waste of time and keep on complaining about how the government is a complete failure; then it is time you realize the importance of voting, and do your bit towards enhancing the government functioning! The GOP have already made up their mind that the government ain't worth ****!

Voting ensures that your opinion is taken into account while appointing the person who holds the reins of power. People who are elected have the power to formulate educational policies which are instrumental in shaping the future of children and hence the future of the nation itself.

Health care, highways, jobs, taxes or even food, the elected representatives have the power to take decisions over some of the most vital issues in our life. So would you be comfortable in letting "anybody" take over these powers, without exercising your right to vote? Voting is one of the fundamental processes, which is instrumental in the development of a healthy democracy.

I sometimes sit back sometimes & listen to fellow African-Americans complain about what's not right, or what needs to be done. And I always ask myself: "Did they vote"? Probably not!

Here in Georgia, unemployment is at 10%, higher than the National Average. School Days have been cut to 4 days, budgets have been cut that taxes like property, hospital taxes & etc were raised by the party in power here in Georgia. Income Tax Cuts aimed at helping senior citizens here were eliminated & in return, a $120,000 Tax Cut was give to wealthy retirees. Poverty has risen drastically in this state, especially in the Black Belt Regions of Georgia (Southwest, Central & upper east central Georgia)

If Black voters, (democrats in General) are unhappy with the way things are going in the state & this country of ours, vote for people who will make a difference in your everyday lives. I have seen too many good candidates with their heart in the right place not get elected because of lack of turnout by so-called loyal democrats. Instead I have seen crooked candidates win seats for all the wrong reasons.

Like Nathan Deal for example.......

I never seen anything like this in my years being involved in politics since 1999.

This is a man who is the most "UNELECTABLE", "UNETHICAL", "UNQUALIFIED" candidate to run for office in this state ever.

From shady tax returns to attempted weakening of the state's Rape Shield Law , for some reason this guy remains ahead in the polls. I know this year favor republicans, but come on let's be real here!

That's why its important for dems who I've been very critical of over during the past year to get their base of support to the polls. Lord help us if Nathan Deal is our next governor.

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