Monday, September 20, 2010

What Barnes needs to do to get over the 42-43% Threshold?

Recent polling have showed Roy Barnes at the 42-43% mark, despite Nathan Deal losing steam as controversy continues over his financial & ethical issues.

Listening to the Kudzu Vine Blog talk Radio show this a.m., host David McGlaughin asked the question: what does Barnes need to do to get over the 42-43% mark?

That's a great question. From my vantage point, it looks like that voters who are on the fence, or undecided are looking for a "OK", or a "signal" to go ahead & vote for Barnes.

There are two things Barnes can do to get over that 42-43% position.

(1) Endorsements!

People like to say endorsements don't mean much, but it depends where the endorsement is coming from. An endorsement coming from these two individuals can really swing the election to Barnes' favor: Former Senator Sam Nunn & yes former Governor Zell Miller. An endorsement from one or both of these conservative democrats who are independent thinking men would be the "ok" that voters need to go cast a vote for Barnes.

It maybe alot to ask, but an endorsement from both of these two giants of Georgia Politics would boost his standing among white male voters, put him ahead for independents/undecideds & bring more dissatisfied republicans who are wary of Nathan Deal to Barnes' corner. Plus that will strengthen his campaign in rural Georgia, which by the way is going very well at the moment.

(2) Carol Porter

Yet we haven't seen the two of them together at any campaign appearances across the state. With October looming now is the time to present a united front, by holding a press conference detailing their agenda if one or both are elected in November. Highlight the GOP's Tax Increases on the backs of middle class & low-income Georgians, steep cuts to Georgia Public Schools, Georgia's high unemployment rate, which is higher that the national average, the state budget & water.

Barnes & Porter are very effective communicators. Although Barnes was governor before, he is pretty much a outsider to the Washington Insider Nathan Deal & so is Carol Porter to the Metro Insider Casey Cagle, who like to refer to Deal & Cagle as the "Gainesville Mafia".

Both should do a week of barnstorming of the state together talking to voters about their plans to fix Georgia's ailing economy, assisting small business owners, restoring the Homestead Property Tax Exemption that the GOP got rid of last legislative session, addressing our water situation, ethics & plan to create jobs to put Georgia Back to work. Hell it wouldn't hurt if both appeared in a campaign ad together running on fiscal responsibilty & discipline

One or both of these suggestions would go a long way of getting Barnes over that line of 42-43%.

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