Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open Apology to Don Weigel, House Democratic Caucus Director from Peanut Politics

I want to send a (sincere) open apology to House Caucus Director Don Weigel for a post I wrote a couple days ago regarding his "inaction" concerning House Races for democrats, specifically rural democrats. (The post was titled "Don Weigel & Jane Kidd both get "F's" for Bad Performances 9/15")

Don is working very, very hard in trying to get rural democrats elected to the General Assembly, as well as metro democrats. He has taken heat from all sides of the democratic party for the perception that he's ignoring candidates pleas for help, or not showing interest in getting democrats elected to the General Assembly.

The post I wrote regarding both he & Kidd (Jane) deserving to be fired for a bad performance thus far was regrettable & for that I want to apologize to Don Weigel for my blog post & the damage that it may have caused to his efforts.

For the record, Weigel & Co are working extremely hard right now to get more Dem's elected to the General Assembly.

Financially majority of the democratic candidates have not gotten money.........YET!

Races that are very high on the House Caucus list are (not in alphabetical order):

John Tibbetts, HD 153
Chris Irvin, HD 28
Maryline Blackburn,HD 34
Fenika Miller, HD 145
Marjean Boyd, HD 172
Will Avery, HD 19
Sandy Murray, HD 80
David Gault, HD 125
Audrey Stewart, HD 179
Quentin Howell, HD 141
Steffini Bethea, HD 106

and others as well.

As y'all know I'm passionate about Rural Georgia & would like to see democrats make a comeback here in this part of the state that for so long democrats have dominated for over 100+ years.

I should have called Don Weigel before I did that post to get a more clearer & accurate picture before proceeding on with my rant about his job performance as Caucus Director. Don & myself talked for about 20-25 minutes last night, in which I offered a apology to Don, (which he accepted by the way) after appearing at conference call with Communications Director Eric Gray of the DPG & I can rest assure all dems running or defending their seats that Don is working extremely hard at helping get more democrats elected this november.

I know this is a tough job & he is doing the very best he can with the resources he have at the moment, so I just ask for all democrats, either running for seats held by a incumbent republican, or the ones who are defending their seats against GOP challengers to cut Don some slack, be patient, given we have over 40 or so days remaining until the Nov 2 elections. Don & the Caucus have y'all's best interest at hand & just like me, I hope y'all would ease up on Don & let him do his job.

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