Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Democrats Below South of Macon? Huh! None in Lowndes County?? Lord Have Mercy!!

Apparently there is still this notion that there are "NO" democrats living in South Georgia.

Yesterday I got a email from a former staffer for DuBose Porter unsuccessful run for governor saying that a person connected with the Democratic Party who wants him to work central Georgia for the Dems told him that besides Macon-Bibb County & Baldwin County that basically there aren't any democrats below the Gnat-line, (South of Macon). That is B.S!!!

This the type of mentality that needs to be changed among democrats here in Georgia when it comes to Rural Georgia.

And this person connected with the democratic party also told him that there were 0 democrats in Lowndes County according to "so called" numbers he'd seen.


Lowndes County has two democratic State Representatives & one democratic State Senator from that area & to say that lowndes County doesn't have any democrats down there is again....B.S.!

I've said this before & I;m gonna say it again: For democrats to be successful again in this state, they are going to have be competitive here on the countryside.

That's the bottom line!!

If they settle for just a regional approach of Metro Atlanta & urban canters like Macon, Albany, Columbus, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, etc for votes & just concede the rural vote to the GOP, then the party might as well be dead in Georgia.

This person needs to go back & do his homework before making such a misinformed statement. This person can't be from Georgia if he thinks that there are no democrats living here in Central & South Georgia. If so then he needs to be kicked to the curb!

I wonder what the Lowndes County Folks have to say about this? As well as the Central Georgia Folks as well

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