Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Nathan Deal Electable?

Nathan Deal wants to become Georgia's next governor, but is he electable?

Right now I would say NO!

First he is under investigation for violated House rules by interfering with a state contract involving a business he owned, a unanimous decision that could hurt Deal’s political career. The report, issued by the Office of Congressional Ethics, alleges Deal met with state officials to allow his company to continue conducting vehicle inspections on GA’s behalf. The program, according to the allegation, “generated significant personal financial benefit for him and a business partner.”

The 138-page report details how Mr. Deal and his chief of staff intervened in 2008 and 2009 on behalf of the company, Recovery Services Inc., also known as Gainesville Salvage and Disposal. The report also said Mr. Deal had improperly failed to disclose that he was a corporate officer at the company, meaning that the $75,000 he earned from the business in 2008 violated a House limit on members’ outside income.

Recently he released his tax returns, but not those related to his business dealings that has him in hot water right now.

And yesterday he amended his financial disclosure form on Thursday after facing questions from The Associated Press about two active loans worth a combined $2.85 million that did not appear on the document. This is more financial bad news for Deal who acknowledged he is facing economic turmoil from a bad investment in his daughter's failed sporting good business. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on Wednesday that Deal faces a Feb. 1 deadline to pay back a $2.3 million bank loan for the venture. His daughter and son-in-law declared bankruptcy. Deal and his wife, Sandra, are trying to sell their Gainesville home to help satisfy the debt.

The loans from a pair of banks were made to Deal and his business partner Kenneth Cronan in 2009 but were not included on the financial disclosure Deal filed with the state Ethics Commission for that period.

Yes times are hard, & there are alot of people who are in deep trouble financially like Nathan Deal & may feel sorry for Deal, but will Georgians, who are concerned about their own financial security elect someone who doesn't have his own financial house in order? And will they even consider electing someone, whose fate is unknown when it comes to ethics violations concerning his Auto Salvage Business, in which an indictment could come down at any time before the November elections?

Deal has baggage no doubt about that & this latest revelation is just another skeleton that has arisen out of Nathan Deal's closest! This is the time to question Deal's fiscal responsibility.

Electing Nathan Deal as governor is too risky for Georgia when we have problems with our schools, the lack of job creation, high unemployment, tax increases, water issues & more.

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