Monday, September 13, 2010

Georgia Democratic candidates for House & Senate receiving little or no support at this critical juncture.

Despite having a strong slate of democratic candidates running for State Representative & State Senator, rank and file democrats who are unchallenged or sitting on large sums of cash, or both are not reaching out to up & coming democrats to lend support to his/her campaign.

While on the other side, the republicans are working as a team, supporting their challengers against democratic incumbents with resources to increase their chances of winning in november, offering endorsements to their perspective candidates, etc.

Democrats on the other hand seems to have their own individual agenda, in other words looking out for themselves & themselves only! That's is no way to build up the party that has been decimated by losses in its ranks since the 2002 takeover of the GOP by retirements by longtime democrats & party switching.

As of now, not only democratic candidate running for local office has gotten zero help or assistance from members of the democratic caucus, nor the caucus itself.

As for the DPG, if they can get involved in non-partisan races,like the Atlanta mayoral Race for example & a democratic primary race, Graham Balch v Vincent Fort, Mable Thomas v Rashad Taylor, then they should be able to lend a hand to local races as well.

There are several democrats who are unopposed in the general election that are sitting on lots of money, but they will not help out any democratic challenger with a contribution.

I mentioned this in a blogpost months ago that every single unopposed democratic challenger should each contribute between $500 - $2300 towards helping democratic candidates for office in their bids for office.

So much for TEAM WORK!

My heart goes out to those democrats who are out there stomping the pavement asking for votes along with their volunteers. Y'all deserve better than what's been shown thus far!

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