Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DNC Sends Cash Infusion to State Parties, Georgia being one of them

The DNC has transferred another big chunk of cash to its affiliated committees and state partners, according to reports to be filed with the FEC next week.

The committee set aside $1.67M each for the DCCC and the DSCC, giving the party's House and Senate campaign arms a critical infusion of cash for the campaign homestretch. The DNC has given each committee a total of about $3.17M this cycle.

And national Dems also handed out 6-figure checks to 7 state parties, ensuring that local affiliates have the money necessary to run turnout operations for critical contests.

Connecticut Dems, a party dealing with several tough House races, an open Senate seat and a governor's race, got $125K. Georgia, where ex-Gov. Roy Barnes (D) is running for re-election, received a $350K transfer. Both Wisconsin and Texas, where Dems are vying for other governor's seats, won $250K transfers.

The DNC has invested most heavily in 3 states critical to Dem hopes this year, and to Pres. Obama's chances at winning re-election in '12.

An additional $200K transfer in August gave the Florida party a total of $933K in national funds. The DNC added $500K to the Ohio party, boosting their investment in the Buckeye State to $833K. And Pennsylvania, where several House Dems are working to save their seats and the state party is trying to keep both open Senate and governor's seats, got another $250K, bringing the party's total investment in the state to $583K.

The money is part of a $20M commitment the DNC has made to help directly fund House, Senate and governor's races this year. DNC chair Tim Kaine pledged the money earlier this year, in addition to $30M in cash and services the DNC is spending on turning out Dem voters who cast ballots for the first time for Obama in the '08 election.

It'll be an added boost for both the DCCC and the DSCC, which received 7-figure infusions from Obama's dormant presidential campaign. Earlier this month, Obama's campaign cut checks to the DNC, the DCCC and the DSCC in the amount of $1.5M each.

Dems will need the cash, as national GOPers are beginning to close the gap between the 2 parties and as the national landscape shows disturbing trends for the majority. Already, Dems have shown they intend to flex their financial muscle; the DCCC has reserved more than $50M in ad time, while the NRCC has blocked off just over $20M, according to figures provided by both parties.

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