Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deal Releases "Some" of his Tax Returns Last Week

Nathan Deal released some of his tax returns before the labor day weekend, but it only cosisted the cover pages & not the returns concerning his business dealings.

According to the Associated Press in September 2010, Nathan Deal posted the 1040cover pages of twenty-nine years of his tax returns more than four months after candidate Roy Barnes released 25 years of tax returns and began making a call for any of his gubernatorial opponents to do the same. Deal did not disclose any of the tax filings for the company in which he is a partner, Gainesville Salvage Disposal, which “became the focus of a congressional ethics probe. And tax "schedules" - that would provide more details on things like capital gains and rental income.

The Deal campaign has maintained that the 1040 forms coupled with the financial disclosure forms Deal submitted each year he was in Congress gave the full financial picture, but the Associated Press reported that one of the ethics charges brought against Deal last spring involved a discrepancy between his disclosure forms and his tax returns; the same $75,000 was reported as dividend income on the former, but as wages on the latter.

If that amount was from active wages for Deal, it would have exceeded the $25,830 cap on outside income imposed onmembers of Congress. The Associated Press did report that the cover pages showed Deal‟s income rose steadily since he began serving in
elected office. Between 1981 and 2009, Deal‟s income increased by more than $1.95 million; Deal was a member of the House for more than half of that time.

11 Alive: “Deal Left Out A Lot”: In a September 3, 2010 news broadcast on WXIA, 11 Alive interviewed Decatur tax accountant Mark Podhorzer about the “tax information” released by Nathan Deal.

Podhorzer agreed, “Deal left out a lot.” He stated that “Barnes is pretty much completely transparent and Nathan Deal is pretty cloudy. There is no transparency there other than his income by major categories, but there's no backup to any of those categories.” Podhorzer added that the tax returns released last spring by Roy Barnes gave a “complete picture of Roy Barnes‟ career [and] his income situation

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