Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Reason Georgia Dems Need to Kick it in High Gear & Develop a sense of Urgency.

I've had this thought in the back of my mind over the last month about what if Barnes loses in the General Election:

Another reason Georgia Democrats need to kick it in high gear for the General Election is the statement made by State Rep Alan Powell (D-Hartwell), a rural democrat from Hart County. In a statement to Blake Aued of Online, Powell said he would "consider" a switch to the republican party if Roy Barnes loses in November. Here's more what Powell had to say:

“If Roy Barnes doesn’t win it in November, you can probably stick a fork in the Democratic movement, because we will not be able to come back for a generation or more,” Powell said in a phone conversation to Blake Aued Yesterday.

Powell then went on to say he would “seriously consider” switching parties because Democrats would not only have no influence, but no hope regaining power.

Powell is right on both fronts. (1) If Barnes doesn't win, I can see the few last remaining rural democrats switching parties, & possibly newly elected conservative democrats as well switching if Barnes loses in November & (2) The Democratic party would be decimated if they don't win any statewide seats. With all the marbles in this year's election, democrats got to develop a do or die attitude & that sense of "URGENCY" of how important this election is to the future of the Democratic Party here in Georgia. Georgia could easily become like Kansas, where democrats are absolutely irrelevant. This would become a one party state.

State Democrats can't control what's going on in Washington, but they can control what happens here in Georgia if they get energized in electing democrats to statewide offices this November. Like I said before, they can't let what's happening in D.C. affect what's happening here in Georgia. The sense of Urgency needs to start NOW!

I know its tradition for campaigns to start after Labor Day, but Dems can't afford to wait, they need to get out & hit the trail ASAP! If they don't, then it'll be time to write the Georgia Democratic Party's Obituary.

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