Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Westmoreland dodging a debate with Saunders.......AGAIN!

On August 26, there will be a candidate forum at Columbus State Unviersity where candidate ranging from local to statewide will attend to debate the issues. Lynn Westmoreland, incumbent of the 3rd Congressional District had said he would appear at the debate against his challenger Frank Saunders, but decided to back out once again.

Here's a letter sent out by Frank Saunders, democrat from Midland:

Why won’t Rep. Westmoreland Debate me?

I’m Frank Saunders, Candidate for Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. I am running against Rep. Lynn Westmoreland. Since I’ve announced my candidacy in April 2010 I’ve traveled all over the district meeting people and working to get my message out. People ask me why I’m running? I’m running because the people of this district and the people of the United States deserve to be represented by a man like me that will legislate and act on behalf of all people not just the wealthy or well connected.

For some reason, Rep. Westmoreland WILL NOT debate me. Rep. Westmoreland has been given a free pass for far too long. Rep. Westmoreland has been a part of the Washington “do nothing” establishment that has voted for the highest deficits in our nation’s history. He consistently votes against the best interest of his constituents. Rep. Westmoreland needs to be held accountable at the ballot box. I have been using my own money to run my campaign along with small donations from family and friends. I have not taken any money from special interests, unlike Rep. Westmorland. I am a teacher and coach running for congress. I come from a working class background and have worked hard to pay my way through college. I currently hold three college degrees.

There will be a candidate’s forum on August 26th at the Cunningham Center at CSU. The forum is free and open to the public. It starts at 6:30 PM. Again, Rep Westmoreland will not be there to answer to his constituents. How can you make an informed decision if he won’t come out and answer your questions? I promise I’ll always be here to answer your questions and respond to your concerns. I will be representing everyone in the 3rd Congressional District.


Frank Saunders

Democratic Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Georgia 3 CD.

Now Westmoreland has had a history of ducking debates against hos challengers & when he has he always get taken to the woodshed, but like always the media doesn't pay any attention to this & westmoreland continues to get re-elected by wide margins year after year.

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